Jeff Rosica Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of Jeff Rosica.

Jeff Rosica Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202160 x1 x05,782 STRONG SELL0210,349+210,349Transaction Details
202136 x6 x423,352236,983 STRONG BUY4,110,6065,136,558+1,025,951Transaction Details
2020120 x2 x015,342 STRONG SELL0212,270+212,270Transaction Details
202090 x2 x015,336 STRONG SELL0125,296+125,296Transaction Details
202060 x2 x015,332 STRONG SELL0109,150+109,150Transaction Details
202034 x4 x283,27496,567 STRONG BUY554,352637,762+83,411Transaction Details
202012 x2 x100,00096,207 SELL766,000793,708+27,708Transaction Details
2019120 x3 x014,662 STRONG SELL0119,375+119,375Transaction Details
201990 x3 x014,658 STRONG SELL098,662+98,662Transaction Details
201971 x1 x98,03943,485 STRONG BUY976,468433,111-543,358Transaction Details
201960 x3 x014,665 STRONG SELL0113,952+113,952Transaction Details
201933 x6 x270,264157,770 STRONG BUY1,683,745927,575-756,170Transaction Details
2018120 x3 x09,924 STRONG SELL060,139+60,139Transaction Details
201890 x3 x09,929 STRONG SELL062,255+62,255Transaction Details
201860 x3 x09,920 STRONG SELL047,690+47,690Transaction Details
201832 x4 x415,43622,298 SELL0114,270+114,270Transaction Details
2017120 x3 x020,892 STRONG SELL0124,125+124,125Transaction Details
201790 x2 x03,643 STRONG SELL015,519+15,519Transaction Details
201760 x2 x03,644 STRONG SELL017,965+17,965Transaction Details
201731 x2 x98,03910,677 SELL053,812+53,812Transaction Details
201720 x1 x02,089 STRONG SELL011,594+11,594Transaction Details
201710 x1 x0291 STRONG SELL01,324+1,324Transaction Details
2016121 x1 x110,1321,242 SELL05,676+5,676Transaction Details
2016110 x1 x01,877 STRONG SELL08,390+8,390Transaction Details
2016100 x1 x0271 STRONG SELL02,024+2,024Transaction Details
201690 x1 x01,287 STRONG SELL09,987+9,987Transaction Details
201680 x1 x01,296 STRONG SELL011,470+11,470Transaction Details
201670 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL01,194+1,194Transaction Details
201660 x1 x0887 STRONG SELL05,366+5,366Transaction Details
201650 x1 x01,295 STRONG SELL07,148+7,148Transaction Details
201640 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL01,210+1,210Transaction Details
201631 x1 x60,2843,590 SELL025,310+25,310Transaction Details
201620 x1 x01,507 STRONG SELL010,142+10,142Transaction Details
201610 x1 x0235 STRONG SELL01,758+1,758Transaction Details
2015110 x1 x01,297 STRONG SELL08,418+8,418Transaction Details
2015100 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL01,687+1,687Transaction Details
201580 x1 x01,298 STRONG SELL012,201+12,201Transaction Details
201570 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL02,679+2,679Transaction Details
201550 x1 x01,299 STRONG SELL020,212+20,212Transaction Details
201540 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL03,058+3,058Transaction Details
201531 x0 x32,8730000Transaction Details
201520 x1 x05,347 STRONG SELL073,682+73,682Transaction Details
201510 x1 x0236 STRONG SELL03,309+3,309Transaction Details
2014111 x0 x48,0000000Transaction Details
2014100 x1 x0203 STRONG SELL02,000+2,000Transaction Details
201491 x1 x10,0003,251 SELL032,640+32,640Transaction Details
201470 x1 x0203 STRONG SELL01,527+1,527Transaction Details
201450 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201440 x1 x0203 STRONG SELL01,332+1,332Transaction Details
201410 x1 x0945 STRONG SELL07,834+7,834Transaction Details