Julie Spellman Sweet Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of Julie Spellman Sweet.

Julie Spellman Sweet Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202152 x0 x1600 STRONG BUY35,2080-35,208Transaction Details
202141 x3 x1242,167 STRONG SELL34,812623,587+588,775Transaction Details
202131 x0 x1420 STRONG BUY35,1540-35,154Transaction Details
202126 x10 x6589,778 STRONG SELL139,1672,454,003+2,314,836Transaction Details
202113 x5 x13,2914,332 STRONG BUY34,9371,112,640+1,077,703Transaction Details
2020121 x0 x4,8910 STRONG BUY1,231,3340-1,231,334Transaction Details
2020111 x0 x1330 STRONG BUY31,1580-31,158Transaction Details
2020101 x3 x1409,228 STRONG SELL31,2892,127,703+2,096,414Transaction Details
202091 x0 x1320 STRONG BUY31,2030-31,203Transaction Details
202082 x0 x1620 STRONG BUY31,2950-31,295Transaction Details
202071 x3 x1443,053 STRONG SELL31,201679,412+648,210Transaction Details
202061 x0 x1510 STRONG BUY31,2960-31,296Transaction Details
202052 x0 x2020 STRONG BUY36,8060-36,806Transaction Details
202041 x0 x2040 STRONG BUY31,3140-31,314Transaction Details
202031 x0 x1690 STRONG BUY31,1280-31,128Transaction Details
202022 x9 x17812,293 STRONG SELL31,2282,552,634+2,521,406Transaction Details
202013 x2 x4,7234,389 SELL15,661921,887+906,226Transaction Details
2019121 x0 x1,2820 STRONG BUY255,7010-255,701Transaction Details
2019112 x1 x24249 STRONG BUY15,6869,638-6,049Transaction Details
2019102 x4 x24,69524,612 SELL15,6014,564,740+4,549,139Transaction Details
201991 x0 x710 STRONG BUY14,1380-14,138Transaction Details
201981 x0 x760 STRONG BUY14,2590-14,259Transaction Details
201971 x0 x750 STRONG BUY14,2500-14,250Transaction Details
201961 x0 x790 STRONG BUY14,1700-14,170Transaction Details
201951 x0 x1140000Transaction Details
201941 x1 x802,568 STRONG SELL14,218456,498+442,280Transaction Details
201931 x0 x870 STRONG BUY14,2000-14,200Transaction Details
201922 x3 x1803,301 STRONG SELL28,256509,580+481,323Transaction Details
201913 x2 x6,6641,725 STRONG BUY14,221241,729+227,508Transaction Details
2018121 x0 x1,4450 STRONG BUY240,2020-240,202Transaction Details
2018111 x0 x900 STRONG BUY14,2060-14,206Transaction Details
2018102 x5 x18,34118,258 SELL14,2042,866,738+2,852,534Transaction Details
201891 x0 x850 STRONG BUY14,3140-14,314Transaction Details
201874 x4 x3484,994 STRONG SELL57,074829,638+772,564Transaction Details
201852 x0 x2170 STRONG BUY14,1500-14,150Transaction Details
201841 x6 x947,964 STRONG SELL14,1981,218,394+1,204,196Transaction Details
201832 x0 x1800 STRONG BUY28,4990-28,499Transaction Details
201821 x0 x910 STRONG BUY14,1050-14,105Transaction Details
201813 x2 x7,3781,066 STRONG BUY198,039164,709-33,330Transaction Details
2017121 x1 x9610,097 STRONG SELL14,1731,544,124+1,529,951Transaction Details
2017112 x1 x38796 STRONG BUY14,24613,856-389Transaction Details
2017102 x1 x20,48510,375 STRONG BUY14,2611,451,981+1,437,720Transaction Details
201791 x0 x1090 STRONG BUY14,1420-14,142Transaction Details
201781 x0 x1090 STRONG BUY14,1810-14,181Transaction Details
201771 x2 x1143,476 STRONG SELL14,180445,307+431,127Transaction Details
201761 x2 x1135,322 STRONG SELL14,262654,523+640,262Transaction Details
201752 x0 x2600 STRONG BUY14,1740-14,174Transaction Details
201741 x0 x1200 STRONG BUY14,1950-14,195Transaction Details
201731 x0 x1150 STRONG BUY14,2160-14,216Transaction Details
201721 x0 x1240 STRONG BUY14,1470-14,147Transaction Details
201713 x1 x8,8282,416 STRONG BUY152,599283,324+130,725Transaction Details
2016121 x1 x809,353 STRONG SELL9,4351,100,343+1,090,908Transaction Details
2016112 x1 x411100 STRONG BUY9,50011,661+2,161Transaction Details
2016102 x1 x18,8129,474 STRONG BUY9,4491,098,889+1,089,441Transaction Details
201691 x0 x820 STRONG BUY9,4920-9,492Transaction Details
201681 x0 x830 STRONG BUY9,4320-9,432Transaction Details
201671 x4 x844,607 STRONG SELL9,500522,770+513,270Transaction Details
201661 x0 x800 STRONG BUY9,4760-9,476Transaction Details
201652 x0 x2490 STRONG BUY9,4580-9,458Transaction Details
201641 x0 x830 STRONG BUY9,5050-9,505Transaction Details
201631 x0 x910 STRONG BUY9,3780-9,378Transaction Details
201621 x0 x940 STRONG BUY9,4550-9,455Transaction Details
201613 x4 x8,4444,054 STRONG BUY71,212418,938+347,725Transaction Details
2015121 x2 x4310,625 STRONG SELL4,6331,091,679+1,087,046Transaction Details
2015113 x2 x21,83811,024 STRONG BUY4,7901,194,797+1,190,007Transaction Details
2015101 x0 x470 STRONG BUY4,7410-4,741Transaction Details
201591 x2 x502,105 STRONG SELL4,720203,465+198,745Transaction Details
201581 x0 x450 STRONG BUY4,7130-4,713Transaction Details
201571 x4 x4914,269 STRONG SELL4,7831,399,502+1,394,719Transaction Details
201561 x0 x490 STRONG BUY4,6770-4,677Transaction Details
201552 x0 x2380 STRONG BUY4,7990-4,799Transaction Details
201541 x4 x5040,821 STRONG SELL4,6883,838,785+3,834,097Transaction Details
201531 x0 x520 STRONG BUY4,7670-4,767Transaction Details
201521 x0 x530 STRONG BUY4,6610-4,661Transaction Details
201511 x2 x2,9205,010 STRONG SELL0442,849+442,849Transaction Details
2014120 x1 x0101 STRONG SELL09,094+9,094Transaction Details
2014111 x1 x1,075105 SELL08,868+8,868Transaction Details
2014101 x2 x17,03417,034 SELL01,336,374+1,336,374Transaction Details
201470 x2 x05,620 STRONG SELL0449,671+449,671Transaction Details
201451 x0 x9020000Transaction Details
201440 x1 x0144 STRONG SELL011,403+11,403Transaction Details
201411 x0 x9,5140000Transaction Details