$SXCL Steel Excel Inc. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in Steel Excel Inc..

Steel Excel Inc. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20214010 x1 x031,787 STRONG SELL01,203,179+1,203,179Transaction Details
202051010 x2 x05,864 STRONG SELL0217,409+217,409Transaction Details
202050010 x3 x086,387 STRONG SELL03,233,736+3,233,736Transaction Details
202049010 x2 x024,244 STRONG SELL0947,010+947,010Transaction Details
201933010 x4 x01,094,389 STRONG SELL04,061,789+4,061,789Transaction Details
201932010 x3 x0266,533 STRONG SELL0991,426+991,426Transaction Details
201931010 x4 x0127,544 STRONG SELL0471,978+471,978Transaction Details
201930010 x4 x030,881 STRONG SELL0113,971+113,971Transaction Details
201929111 x2 x29,582,248118,111 STRONG BUY8,874,674441,794-8,432,881Transaction Details
201817102 x0 x22,981,8220 STRONG BUY45,963,6440-45,963,644Transaction Details
201810101 x0 x182,7940 STRONG BUY1,142,3350-1,142,335Transaction Details
20189105 x0 x988,4630 STRONG BUY5,815,5710-5,815,571Transaction Details
20188101 x0 x200,0000 STRONG BUY1,378,4200-1,378,420Transaction Details
20186103 x0 x441,4560 STRONG BUY2,500,3150-2,500,315Transaction Details
201617212 x1 x17,64011,434,278 STRONG SELL022,868,556+22,868,556Transaction Details
201616404 x0 x62,6400000Transaction Details
201615010 x1 x0253 STRONG SELL02,510+2,510Transaction Details
201612010 x1 x0254 STRONG SELL02,667+2,667Transaction Details
201611010 x1 x0310 STRONG SELL03,819+3,819Transaction Details
201610010 x5 x0321,137 STRONG SELL0106,628+106,628Transaction Details
20169010 x4 x051,067 STRONG SELL016,326+16,326Transaction Details
20168010 x3 x0700 STRONG SELL0212+212Transaction Details
20167010 x2 x010,824 STRONG SELL03,250+3,250Transaction Details
20166010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL02,904+2,904Transaction Details
20164010 x6 x016,691 STRONG SELL03,739+3,739Transaction Details
20163010 x4 x019,828 STRONG SELL04,586+4,586Transaction Details
20162010 x3 x053,554 STRONG SELL013,371+13,371Transaction Details
201550010 x1 x0343 STRONG SELL04,569+4,569Transaction Details
201538010 x2 x09,741 STRONG SELL0209,464+209,464Transaction Details
201537020 x5 x026,562 STRONG SELL0587,561+587,561Transaction Details
201536010 x4 x05,189 STRONG SELL04,689+4,689Transaction Details
201535010 x4 x032,752 STRONG SELL030,677+30,677Transaction Details
201534010 x3 x061,608 STRONG SELL056,582+56,582Transaction Details
201522606 x0 x15,0000000Transaction Details
201515010 x1 x0305 STRONG SELL07,774+7,774Transaction Details
201514010 x1 x0252 STRONG SELL05,418+5,418Transaction Details
201512010 x1 x0260 STRONG SELL06,097+6,097Transaction Details
20156808 x0 x97,0020000Transaction Details
201445103 x0 x135,5570 STRONG BUY189,7120-189,712Transaction Details
201444104 x0 x155,6280 STRONG BUY254,1230-254,123Transaction Details
201443102 x0 x31,5500 STRONG BUY56,7280-56,728Transaction Details
201442104 x0 x66,3030 STRONG BUY119,1830-119,183Transaction Details
201441104 x0 x246,0950 STRONG BUY436,8340-436,834Transaction Details
201440105 x0 x232,7210 STRONG BUY410,7170-410,717Transaction Details
201439103 x0 x568,8640 STRONG BUY1,007,9190-1,007,919Transaction Details
201427101 x0 x2000 STRONG BUY8950-895Transaction Details
201426104 x0 x114,0020 STRONG BUY513,0020-513,002Transaction Details
201425101 x0 x2,0610 STRONG BUY5,1530-5,153Transaction Details
201421606 x0 x15,0000000Transaction Details
201420103 x0 x55,0250 STRONG BUY137,4270-137,427Transaction Details
201419102 x0 x1,673,7450 STRONG BUY4,067,6040-4,067,604Transaction Details
201418103 x0 x74,8590 STRONG BUY179,8880-179,888Transaction Details
201414010 x1 x0252 STRONG SELL08,064+8,064Transaction Details
201412101 x0 x2,2700000Transaction Details