$NYSE/TRN TRINITY INDUSTRIES INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in TRINITY INDUSTRIES INC.

TRINITY INDUSTRIES INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202119010 x2 x016,000 STRONG SELL0467,520+467,520Transaction Details
20211812021 x0 x233,6620000Transaction Details
202117010 x1 x08,100,000 STRONG SELL0222,507,008+222,507,008Transaction Details
202113010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL0287,500+287,500Transaction Details
202111010 x1 x0850 STRONG SELL025,526+25,526Transaction Details
202110151 x9 x2,23096,572 STRONG SELL02,887,061+2,887,061Transaction Details
20219010 x1 x03,900,000 STRONG SELL0124,215,000+124,215,000Transaction Details
20211000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
202049000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
202039000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
202037101 x0 x10,2000 STRONG BUY199,8180-199,818Transaction Details
202036101 x0 x3,1990000Transaction Details
202026000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
202020070 x7 x049,605 STRONG SELL0902,315+902,315Transaction Details
2020189110 x1 x121,4291,424 SELL025,888+25,888Transaction Details
202013000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
202010101 x0 x4,0000 STRONG BUY73,8000-73,800Transaction Details
20209106 x0 x835,8610 STRONG BUY17,165,2300-17,165,230Transaction Details
20208103 x0 x276,1750 STRONG BUY5,730,8000-5,730,800Transaction Details
20207102 x0 x100,0000000Transaction Details
20205205 x0 x309,1180 STRONG BUY5,384,4030-5,384,403Transaction Details
20204103 x0 x147,1090 STRONG BUY3,067,6070-3,067,607Transaction Details
20203207 x0 x478,2130 STRONG BUY9,572,1790-9,572,179Transaction Details
20202103 x0 x122,5000 STRONG BUY2,538,1040-2,538,104Transaction Details
201949101 x0 x8000 STRONG BUY16,8000-16,800Transaction Details
201945216 x1 x1,355,0003,425 STRONG BUY29,095,44873,877-29,021,571Transaction Details
201943103 x0 x1,650,0000 STRONG BUY32,912,5000-32,912,500Transaction Details
201939000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201930103 x0 x658,7960 STRONG BUY12,687,0130-12,687,013Transaction Details
201926000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201920010 x1 x02,157 STRONG SELL045,081+45,081Transaction Details
201919070 x7 x057,860 STRONG SELL01,219,689+1,219,689Transaction Details
2019189011 x0 x135,3030000Transaction Details
201913000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201911101 x0 x2,7830000Transaction Details
201850101 x0 x59,2390 STRONG BUY1,298,5190-1,298,519Transaction Details
201849103 x0 x280,5060 STRONG BUY6,146,3650-6,146,365Transaction Details
201846102 x0 x152,3640 STRONG BUY3,350,5720-3,350,572Transaction Details
201844202 x0 x5,8040000Transaction Details
201843010 x1 x0100 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201839000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201826000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201819050 x5 x09,287 STRONG SELL0327,924+327,924Transaction Details
20181811012 x0 x180,6130000Transaction Details
201813000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201812101 x0 x196,6910 STRONG BUY6,309,8480-6,309,848Transaction Details
201811106 x0 x1,347,5050 STRONG BUY44,093,2680-44,093,268Transaction Details
20189113 x1 x306,34315,606 STRONG BUY10,104,776522,645-9,582,131Transaction Details
20188103 x0 x950,0000 STRONG BUY31,186,5000-31,186,500Transaction Details
201751010 x1 x010,920 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201750010 x1 x020,000 STRONG SELL0738,000+738,000Transaction Details
201747101 x0 x42,9700 STRONG BUY1,418,0100-1,418,010Transaction Details
201746102 x0 x425,0000 STRONG BUY13,972,2500-13,972,250Transaction Details
201745104 x0 x39,6370 STRONG BUY1,267,7410-1,267,741Transaction Details
201744103 x0 x832,6000 STRONG BUY26,373,0280-26,373,028Transaction Details
201740000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201737102 x0 x54,0550 STRONG BUY1,538,4590-1,538,459Transaction Details
201735103 x0 x248,9410 STRONG BUY7,133,1690-7,133,169Transaction Details
201734104 x0 x380,1000 STRONG BUY10,701,1410-10,701,141Transaction Details
201733105 x0 x605,5000 STRONG BUY17,244,4560-17,244,456Transaction Details
201732103 x0 x60,8190 STRONG BUY1,726,6300-1,726,630Transaction Details
201731105 x0 x323,0950 STRONG BUY8,905,4740-8,905,474Transaction Details
201727000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201723010 x1 x027,742 STRONG SELL0724,344+724,344Transaction Details
201721010 x1 x028,500 STRONG SELL0754,110+754,110Transaction Details
201720777 x10 x456,820208,592 SELL05,258,221+5,258,221Transaction Details
20171812012 x0 x115,1920000Transaction Details
201714000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20171000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201644104 x0 x461,6050 STRONG BUY9,771,7420-9,771,742Transaction Details
201640000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201632020 x3 x060,000 STRONG SELL01,391,900+1,391,900Transaction Details
201627000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201620676 x8 x807,260443,690 SELL07,069,283+7,069,283Transaction Details
20161811011 x0 x159,7520000Transaction Details
201614000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20169010 x1 x04,922 STRONG SELL077,964+77,964Transaction Details
20167111 x1 x10,0002,827 SELL060,611+60,611Transaction Details
20161000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201553000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201544010 x1 x0101,296 STRONG SELL02,781,588+2,781,588Transaction Details
201539000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201535010 x1 x05,700 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201526000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201520676 x8 x734,928475,027 SELL013,370,438+13,370,438Transaction Details
201518707 x0 x67,3880 STRONG BUY1,639,8500-1,639,850Transaction Details
201513000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201511010 x1 x08,588 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201510010 x1 x012,585 STRONG SELL0401,713+401,713Transaction Details
20151000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201439000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201436000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201434111 x1 x7,5007,500 SELL67,275366,000+298,725Transaction Details
201432020 x2 x093,468 STRONG SELL03,966,757+3,966,757Transaction Details
201431030 x7 x0315,850 STRONG SELL012,922,716+12,922,716Transaction Details
201430020 x3 x0159,720 STRONG SELL06,479,600+6,479,600Transaction Details
201426000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201419666 x6 x397,826239,486 SELL019,237,910+19,237,910Transaction Details
201418000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201413000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201412000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201410101 x0 x15,0000000Transaction Details
20149010 x1 x013,871 STRONG SELL01,013,138+1,013,138Transaction Details
20148020 x3 x0108,594 STRONG SELL06,608,425+6,608,425Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20200000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details