$BGFV BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS Corp Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS Corp.

BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS Corp Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202119255 x7 x22,80050,269 STRONG SELL166,3441,397,762+1,231,418Transaction Details
202118020 x3 x070,000 STRONG SELL01,435,500+1,435,500Transaction Details
202114010 x1 x015,000 STRONG SELL0258,750+258,750Transaction Details
202113303 x0 x2,5740000Transaction Details
202112010 x1 x015,000 STRONG SELL0258,750+258,750Transaction Details
2021116712 x13 x90,60084,470 SELL179,8371,335,774+1,155,938Transaction Details
202110339 x3 x38,31038,050 SELL187,397570,623+383,226Transaction Details
20216010 x3 x040,000 STRONG SELL0644,914+644,914Transaction Details
20215010 x1 x038,900 STRONG SELL0546,934+546,934Transaction Details
20214010 x1 x01,100 STRONG SELL015,400+15,400Transaction Details
20211010 x2 x031,955 STRONG SELL0384,164+384,164Transaction Details
202052010 x1 x08,045 STRONG SELL096,620+96,620Transaction Details
202050303 x0 x2,8950000Transaction Details
202047010 x1 x03,000 STRONG SELL029,370+29,370Transaction Details
202045112 x1 x7,5007,500 SELL41,17560,600+19,425Transaction Details
202037303 x0 x4,2290000Transaction Details
202034010 x1 x04,062 STRONG SELL025,672+25,672Transaction Details
202032010 x1 x04,062 STRONG SELL032,130+32,130Transaction Details
202023606 x0 x120,0000000Transaction Details
202014373 x7 x10,93913,002 SELL019,503+19,503Transaction Details
202011606 x0 x42,0000000Transaction Details
20209000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201950303 x0 x3,3250000Transaction Details
201940000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201937303 x0 x4,2910000Transaction Details
201933000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201924303 x0 x2,5710000Transaction Details
201923404 x0 x144,9280000Transaction Details
201912303 x0 x1,7080000Transaction Details
201911070 x7 x011,001 STRONG SELL041,034+41,034Transaction Details
2019107010 x0 x65,0000000Transaction Details
201850303 x0 x1,8970000Transaction Details
201837404 x0 x3,7000000Transaction Details
201824505 x0 x1,9520000Transaction Details
201823606 x0 x52,3260000Transaction Details
201821020 x2 x07,706 STRONG SELL065,030+65,030Transaction Details
201820010 x1 x01,683 STRONG SELL014,003+14,003Transaction Details
201812505 x0 x2,5430000Transaction Details
201811070 x7 x09,649 STRONG SELL066,096+66,096Transaction Details
201810707 x0 x60,8000 STRONG BUY210,1800-210,180Transaction Details
20189103 x0 x32,0000 STRONG BUY197,7100-197,710Transaction Details
20188101 x0 x11,0000 STRONG BUY66,0000-66,000Transaction Details
201751505 x0 x2,1500000Transaction Details
201748101 x0 x43,0000 STRONG BUY312,1800-312,180Transaction Details
201738505 x0 x2,0300000Transaction Details
201734102 x0 x48,0000 STRONG BUY370,3080-370,308Transaction Details
201725505 x0 x9030000Transaction Details
201724606 x0 x25,2000000Transaction Details
201722020 x3 x013,516 STRONG SELL0186,912+186,912Transaction Details
201721010 x1 x01,579 STRONG SELL021,001+21,001Transaction Details
201719020 x2 x04,865 STRONG SELL071,603+71,603Transaction Details
20171212712 x7 x34,2438,825 SELL0131,493+131,493Transaction Details
201711010 x3 x055,362 STRONG SELL0826,224+826,224Transaction Details
201651505 x0 x6970000Transaction Details
201648121 x2 x2,5003,500 SELL36,65068,195+31,545Transaction Details
201647126 x3 x16,50037,186 STRONG SELL164,265734,111+569,846Transaction Details
201646151 x8 x6,00054,767 STRONG SELL53,7001,059,569+1,005,869Transaction Details
20164551012 x45 x71,5111,246,695 STRONG SELL548,36822,663,971+22,115,603Transaction Details
201638505 x0 x7370000Transaction Details
201635010 x2 x02,338 STRONG SELL029,679+29,679Transaction Details
201634131 x17 x321112,643 STRONG SELL4,0651,462,026+1,457,960Transaction Details
201633030 x9 x077,432 STRONG SELL01,007,480+1,007,480Transaction Details
201632060 x25 x0437,176 STRONG SELL05,595,327+5,595,327Transaction Details
2016247013 x0 x30,4690000Transaction Details
201612585 x8 x6379,528 STRONG SELL0106,512+106,512Transaction Details
201611707 x0 x27,2000000Transaction Details
201636111 x1 x1,230184000Transaction Details
201548101 x0 x7,0000 STRONG BUY67,9000-67,900Transaction Details
201547010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL024,125+24,125Transaction Details
2015464116 x1 x122,646450 STRONG BUY1,097,9834,095-1,093,888Transaction Details
201545409 x0 x73,1400 STRONG BUY672,9980-672,998Transaction Details
2015444010 x0 x61,6700 STRONG BUY558,1060-558,106Transaction Details
201534309 x0 x146,4740 STRONG BUY1,541,6210-1,541,621Transaction Details
201533309 x0 x89,6140 STRONG BUY994,4290-994,429Transaction Details
2015313018 x0 x322,0000 STRONG BUY3,517,0650-3,517,065Transaction Details
201529101 x0 x4,2000000Transaction Details
201527000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
2015246026 x0 x27,0060000Transaction Details
201519030 x3 x09,935 STRONG SELL0142,182+142,182Transaction Details
201511777 x7 x24,60011,112 SELL0144,567+144,567Transaction Details
201447010 x1 x0200 STRONG SELL02,730+2,730Transaction Details
201446111 x1 x3,5003,500 SELL31,32545,675+14,350Transaction Details
201445010 x1 x0771 STRONG SELL010,247+10,247Transaction Details
201431202 x0 x40,0000 STRONG BUY389,0500-389,050Transaction Details
2014236014 x0 x18,4170000Transaction Details
201419010 x1 x01,600 STRONG SELL019,290+19,290Transaction Details
201411777 x7 x24,60011,304 SELL0172,612+172,612Transaction Details