$CONN CONNS INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in CONNS INC.

CONNS INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202126020 x2 x05,566 STRONG SELL0146,386+146,386Transaction Details
202125040 x12 x021,031 STRONG SELL0570,297+570,297Transaction Details
202124050 x5 x07,873 STRONG SELL0228,738+228,738Transaction Details
202123040 x34 x0278,671 STRONG SELL08,007,951+8,007,951Transaction Details
202122010 x1 x0905 STRONG SELL020,987+20,987Transaction Details
202121202 x0 x10,8560000Transaction Details
202118010 x1 x0191 STRONG SELL03,866+3,866Transaction Details
202114020 x5 x022,841 STRONG SELL0480,027+480,027Transaction Details
202111326 x12 x188,955377,910 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
202110080 x8 x0620,501 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20216191 x9 x9,44531,966 STRONG SELL0347,724+347,724Transaction Details
20211010 x1 x04,000 STRONG SELL049,640+49,640Transaction Details
202052010 x1 x011,300 STRONG SELL0151,420+151,420Transaction Details
202050010 x1 x0700 STRONG SELL07,791+7,791Transaction Details
202048030 x4 x04,295 STRONG SELL049,908+49,908Transaction Details
202046030 x3 x01,104 STRONG SELL011,832+11,832Transaction Details
202034010 x1 x0390 STRONG SELL04,824+4,824Transaction Details
202028010 x1 x01,591 STRONG SELL015,274+15,274Transaction Details
202025010 x1 x05,830 STRONG SELL052,878+52,878Transaction Details
202022757 x6 x96,9574,942 SELL037,747+37,747Transaction Details
202021010 x1 x07,389 STRONG SELL046,403+46,403Transaction Details
202018010 x1 x0233 STRONG SELL01,459+1,459Transaction Details
202015106 x0 x28,0000 STRONG BUY117,0170-117,017Transaction Details
202012070 x7 x0135,860 STRONG SELL0653,487+653,487Transaction Details
20208030 x3 x010,901 STRONG SELL0102,033+102,033Transaction Details
2020610010 x0 x217,2510000Transaction Details
20204154 x23 x48,0153,207,030 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201950010 x1 x0700 STRONG SELL08,813+8,813Transaction Details
201948040 x6 x04,806 STRONG SELL0105,396+105,396Transaction Details
201946030 x3 x0918 STRONG SELL019,816+19,816Transaction Details
201937020 x3 x012,097 STRONG SELL0316,775+316,775Transaction Details
201936010 x1 x07,333 STRONG SELL0177,092+177,092Transaction Details
201928010 x1 x0985 STRONG SELL018,006+18,006Transaction Details
201925010 x1 x05,830 STRONG SELL0101,209+101,209Transaction Details
201923102 x0 x3,0000 STRONG BUY50,8800-50,880Transaction Details
2019228013 x0 x110,9050 STRONG BUY973,0060-973,006Transaction Details
201921336 x5 x66,6389,111 SELL0202,467+202,467Transaction Details
201920010 x1 x0313 STRONG SELL06,920+6,920Transaction Details
201915111 x1 x10,0002,500 STRONG BUY102,10062,514-39,586Transaction Details
201913101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY230,5000-230,500Transaction Details
20198171 x7 x3753,100 STRONG SELL01,217,052+1,217,052Transaction Details
20194475 x19 x320,9882,077,802 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201850010 x1 x0700 STRONG SELL013,951+13,951Transaction Details
201848143 x12 x4,2007,102 STRONG SELL96,829198,217+101,388Transaction Details
201846111 x1 x7,135302 SELL08,326+8,326Transaction Details
201836020 x2 x09,333 STRONG SELL0336,988+336,988Transaction Details
201834010 x1 x0396 STRONG SELL014,711+14,711Transaction Details
201829010 x1 x08,000 STRONG SELL0300,000+300,000Transaction Details
201828020 x4 x06,985 STRONG SELL0263,382+263,382Transaction Details
201825010 x1 x05,830 STRONG SELL0204,050+204,050Transaction Details
201823010 x1 x01,000 STRONG SELL036,750+36,750Transaction Details
201822202 x0 x8,6400000Transaction Details
201821829 x2 x65,3128,242 STRONG BUY338,600199,911-138,689Transaction Details
201814207 x0 x17,5900 STRONG BUY486,7800-486,780Transaction Details
201813010 x1 x0620,692 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201812102 x0 x77,2800 STRONG BUY2,500,0080-2,500,008Transaction Details
20188060 x6 x042,635 STRONG SELL01,411,218+1,411,218Transaction Details
20184010 x1 x01,629 STRONG SELL051,395+51,395Transaction Details
201751010 x1 x01,600,000 STRONG SELL054,480,000+54,480,000Transaction Details
201750111 x1 x1,000786 BUY32,19825,545-6,653Transaction Details
201748040 x8 x04,343 STRONG SELL0133,764+133,764Transaction Details
201746010 x1 x0340 STRONG SELL010,404+10,404Transaction Details
201742206 x0 x130,0000 STRONG BUY3,306,5510-3,306,551Transaction Details
201736010 x1 x07,818 STRONG SELL0170,042+170,042Transaction Details
201735020 x3 x0717 STRONG SELL013,946+13,946Transaction Details
201729101 x0 x12,0000 STRONG BUY226,1760-226,176Transaction Details
201728010 x1 x01,106 STRONG SELL020,959+20,959Transaction Details
201726111 x1 x96,54896,548000Transaction Details
201725020 x2 x05,052 STRONG SELL087,681+87,681Transaction Details
201724010 x1 x07,392 STRONG SELL0142,961+142,961Transaction Details
201723101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY178,2720-178,272Transaction Details
201722909 x0 x302,9870000Transaction Details
201721010 x1 x05,939 STRONG SELL093,836+93,836Transaction Details
201717707 x0 x387,0000000Transaction Details
201716101 x0 x7,4000 STRONG BUY100,0480-100,048Transaction Details
20175101 x0 x24,6310000Transaction Details
20171010 x1 x075 STRONG SELL0949+949Transaction Details
201650111 x1 x11,49562,749 STRONG SELL0814,325+814,325Transaction Details
201648535 x3 x63,6171,278 SELL014,314+14,314Transaction Details
201646010 x1 x0339 STRONG SELL03,593+3,593Transaction Details
201641010 x1 x0225 STRONG SELL02,052+2,052Transaction Details
201637202 x0 x45,2380 STRONG BUY399,9990-399,999Transaction Details
201636010 x1 x03,823 STRONG SELL027,526+27,526Transaction Details
201634040 x5 x02,774 STRONG SELL018,586+18,586Transaction Details
201631010 x1 x0152 STRONG SELL01,093+1,093Transaction Details
201629418 x1 x2,305,216500,000 STRONG BUY16,223,5000-16,223,500Transaction Details
201626101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY76,0000-76,000Transaction Details
201625101 x0 x59,2590000Transaction Details
201623131 x58 x55,2491,564,781 STRONG SELL013,579,003+13,579,003Transaction Details
201622626 x8 x39,8944,691 SELL052,305+52,305Transaction Details
201621505 x0 x138,4080000Transaction Details
201615202 x0 x500,0000 STRONG BUY5,369,9000-5,369,900Transaction Details
201613202 x0 x500,0000 STRONG BUY6,176,9500-6,176,950Transaction Details
201612202 x0 x1,4860000Transaction Details
201611010 x1 x01,904,247 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20168010 x5 x02,000,000 STRONG SELL034,000,000+34,000,000Transaction Details
20166101 x0 x35,0000 STRONG BUY461,6330-461,633Transaction Details
20165104 x0 x898,3010 STRONG BUY12,468,9100-12,468,910Transaction Details
201627019 x0 x500,4760 STRONG BUY8,388,1880-8,388,188Transaction Details
201553010 x1 x075 STRONG SELL01,760+1,760Transaction Details
20161010 x1 x075 STRONG SELL01,760+1,760Transaction Details
201549010 x1 x081 STRONG SELL02,134+2,134Transaction Details
201548555 x6 x25,519848 SELL021,341+21,341Transaction Details
201542101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY22,1100-22,110Transaction Details
201541010 x1 x0224 STRONG SELL04,993+4,993Transaction Details
201540202 x0 x32,3330 STRONG BUY797,0880-797,088Transaction Details
201536101 x0 x69,8810000Transaction Details
201535010 x1 x03,419 STRONG SELL0100,655+100,655Transaction Details
201534717 x1 x61,115173 SELL05,237+5,237Transaction Details
201531010 x1 x064 STRONG SELL02,070+2,070Transaction Details
201530101 x0 x17,2020000Transaction Details
201527101 x0 x2,2990000Transaction Details
201522646 x21 x12,168965,724 STRONG SELL037,032,648+37,032,648Transaction Details
201521223 x3 x12,2286,439 STRONG BUY16,199256,359+240,160Transaction Details
201520112 x2 x10,00010,000 SELL338,800400,000+61,200Transaction Details
201513010 x1 x0130 STRONG SELL03,912+3,912Transaction Details
201510112 x4 x304,900622,500 STRONG SELL8,490,16015,805,416+7,315,257Transaction Details
20151010 x1 x074 STRONG SELL01,383+1,383Transaction Details
201449020 x2 x07,073 STRONG SELL0248,155+248,155Transaction Details
201448616 x1 x17,28279 SELL02,774+2,774Transaction Details
201441101 x0 x4,0980000Transaction Details
2014391025 x0 x1,952,1280 STRONG BUY59,845,5400-59,845,540Transaction Details
2014381098 x0 x1,073,5530 STRONG BUY29,863,0120-29,863,012Transaction Details
201436303 x0 x13,4000 STRONG BUY390,1460-390,146Transaction Details
201435102 x0 x26,1000 STRONG BUY785,3290-785,329Transaction Details
201434101 x0 x3,1610 STRONG BUY144,9950-144,995Transaction Details
201431111 x1 x1,55062 SELL02,513+2,513Transaction Details
201427010 x1 x0124 STRONG SELL05,869+5,869Transaction Details
201424102 x0 x26,8620 STRONG BUY275,3830-275,383Transaction Details
201422343 x12 x57,63228,792 SELL01,427,039+1,427,039Transaction Details
20142110315 x3 x100,6458,879 SELL0401,482+401,482Transaction Details
201415208 x0 x258,7800 STRONG BUY10,180,6270-10,180,627Transaction Details
201414101 x0 x4,5000 STRONG BUY178,1100-178,110Transaction Details
20148010 x1 x0700 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20141010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL0745,000+745,000Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details