$CTO CTO Realty Growth, Inc. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in CTO Realty Growth, Inc..

CTO Realty Growth, Inc. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202119102 x0 x3,0000 STRONG BUY153,4480-153,448Transaction Details
202113606 x0 x1,5100 STRONG BUY80,4680-80,468Transaction Details
202111213 x2 x18,62413,330 BUY825,235747,813-77,422Transaction Details
20219112 x2 x25,00022,370 SELL1,131,2501,224,534+93,284Transaction Details
20216707 x0 x8,8290 STRONG BUY209,8220-209,822Transaction Details
20215030 x4 x025,680 STRONG SELL0158,277+158,277Transaction Details
202050111 x3 x1,2009,635 STRONG SELL50,100399,995+349,895Transaction Details
202039606 x0 x1,9850 STRONG BUY87,5390-87,539Transaction Details
202037101 x0 x1,2000 STRONG BUY52,4890-52,489Transaction Details
202031108 x0 x3,9400 STRONG BUY159,4090-159,409Transaction Details
202026404 x0 x1,2240 STRONG BUY50,9280-50,928Transaction Details
202011205 x0 x1,0650 STRONG BUY52,3910-52,391Transaction Details
20208707 x0 x14,0310 STRONG BUY59,8870-59,887Transaction Details
20204040 x4 x03,212 STRONG SELL0208,523+208,523Transaction Details
201949203 x0 x4100 STRONG BUY25,7060-25,706Transaction Details
201948101 x0 x760 STRONG BUY4,6890-4,689Transaction Details
201939606 x0 x1,3510000Transaction Details
201926606 x0 x1,3310000Transaction Details
201923020 x2 x05,067 STRONG SELL0299,623+299,623Transaction Details
201919101 x0 x5000 STRONG BUY29,5500-29,550Transaction Details
201918101 x0 x5000 STRONG BUY29,5600-29,560Transaction Details
201917010 x2 x0166 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201914010 x2 x01,553,075 STRONG SELL085,419,128+85,419,128Transaction Details
201913606 x0 x1,5430000Transaction Details
20199203 x0 x1,1200 STRONG BUY66,6000-66,600Transaction Details
201988010 x0 x3,0700 STRONG BUY6,0000-6,000Transaction Details
20197307 x0 x1,1070 STRONG BUY66,7890-66,789Transaction Details
20194040 x4 x03,372 STRONG SELL0200,701+200,701Transaction Details
20193404 x0 x13,9810000Transaction Details
201839203 x0 x7610000Transaction Details
201832010 x1 x02,800 STRONG SELL0179,900+179,900Transaction Details
201831010 x1 x06 STRONG SELL0386+386Transaction Details
201830112 x5 x10,0008,314 SELL293,400533,456+240,056Transaction Details
201827405 x0 x1,2330000Transaction Details
201820010 x1 x082 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201813404 x0 x1,2710000Transaction Details
20186030 x3 x01,571 STRONG SELL0100,937+100,937Transaction Details
20184040 x4 x03,654 STRONG SELL0233,122+233,122Transaction Details
20183414 x1 x11,612628 SELL042,063+42,063Transaction Details
20181404 x0 x5610000Transaction Details
201751030 x3 x02,614 STRONG SELL0163,897+163,897Transaction Details
201750010 x1 x0547 STRONG SELL034,461+34,461Transaction Details
201740303 x0 x4980000Transaction Details
201735112 x4 x4,0003,035 SELL139,800166,486+26,686Transaction Details
201734113 x5 x6,0004,538 SELL209,700244,351+34,651Transaction Details
201733010 x1 x032,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201727303 x0 x5250000Transaction Details
201715303 x0 x4360000Transaction Details
201711202 x0 x8500 STRONG BUY44,0250-44,025Transaction Details
201710113 x2 x3002,500 STRONG SELL15,189128,014+112,826Transaction Details
20178010 x2 x02,500 STRONG SELL0135,679+135,679Transaction Details
20176010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0133,710+133,710Transaction Details
20175010 x2 x01,276 STRONG SELL070,320+70,320Transaction Details
20174313 x3 x8,6513,149 SELL0173,643+173,643Transaction Details
20172010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0138,769+138,769Transaction Details
20171202 x0 x3740000Transaction Details
201652010 x2 x02,500 STRONG SELL0133,181+133,181Transaction Details
201650010 x3 x02,555 STRONG SELL0134,495+134,495Transaction Details
201648010 x2 x02,500 STRONG SELL0133,238+133,238Transaction Details
201646111 x1 x10,0002,500 STRONG BUY522,500134,356-388,144Transaction Details
201644111 x2 x5002,500 STRONG SELL24,883123,583+98,700Transaction Details
201642010 x2 x02,500 STRONG SELL0125,054+125,054Transaction Details
201640212 x2 x2482,500 STRONG SELL0124,959+124,959Transaction Details
201638010 x2 x02,500 STRONG SELL0127,455+127,455Transaction Details
201637104 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY98,9200-98,920Transaction Details
201636010 x2 x05,000 STRONG SELL0261,060+261,060Transaction Details
201634010 x1 x0836 STRONG SELL042,067+42,067Transaction Details
201632010 x2 x01,664 STRONG SELL080,844+80,844Transaction Details
201630206 x0 x6000 STRONG BUY29,1000-29,100Transaction Details
201627204 x0 x8400000Transaction Details
201618101 x0 x2340 STRONG BUY11,5360-11,536Transaction Details
201613101 x0 x2160000Transaction Details
201611111 x1 x161,175161,1757,750,9067,750,9060Transaction Details
20169111 x1 x4,00072,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20167102 x0 x5000 STRONG BUY22,8160-22,816Transaction Details
20164323 x2 x12,000994 SELL045,018+45,018Transaction Details
20163020 x2 x0881 STRONG SELL040,799+40,799Transaction Details
201553101 x0 x1420000Transaction Details
20161101 x0 x1420000Transaction Details
201549102 x0 x3000 STRONG BUY15,7900-15,790Transaction Details
201548111 x3 x13,50010,600 SELL390,150603,754+213,604Transaction Details
201540101 x0 x1500000Transaction Details
201537101 x0 x1000 STRONG BUY5,2000-5,200Transaction Details
201534303 x0 x1,2000 STRONG BUY62,8050-62,805Transaction Details
201527101 x0 x1300000Transaction Details
201524304 x0 x1,7000 STRONG BUY94,6660-94,666Transaction Details
201523216 x58 x11,0008,000 SELL344,875449,757+104,882Transaction Details
201520101 x0 x94,0000000Transaction Details
201516303 x0 x11,5000000Transaction Details
201515101 x0 x1250000Transaction Details
201510102 x0 x6000 STRONG BUY32,9560-32,956Transaction Details
20154101 x0 x2390000Transaction Details
20153111 x2 x7002,638 STRONG SELL39,235147,860+108,625Transaction Details
201451202 x0 x18,5000000Transaction Details
201446105 x0 x5000 STRONG BUY26,1770-26,177Transaction Details
201444203 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY103,1260-103,126Transaction Details
2014435110 x26 x14,6027,000 STRONG BUY393,941365,522-28,419Transaction Details
201433202 x0 x19,0000000Transaction Details
201431101 x0 x5000 STRONG BUY22,2450-22,245Transaction Details
201426101 x0 x1360 STRONG BUY6,2420-6,242Transaction Details
201419202 x0 x18,5000000Transaction Details
201417101 x0 x3000 STRONG BUY11,7000-11,700Transaction Details
201411303 x0 x1,2000 STRONG BUY43,6030-43,603Transaction Details
2014104012 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY181,4350-181,435Transaction Details
20149000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details