$DCI DONALDSON CO INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in DONALDSON CO INC.

DONALDSON CO INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202125111 x1 x14,40014,400 SELL492,624891,936+399,312Transaction Details
202122111 x1 x14,40014,400 SELL492,624917,424+424,800Transaction Details
202114202 x0 x4660 STRONG BUY27,4610-27,461Transaction Details
202111112 x2 x21,89821,898 SELL763,8021,345,662+581,860Transaction Details
202110111 x1 x2,1022,102 SELL73,318129,462+56,144Transaction Details
20219111 x1 x4,4004,400 SELL150,524264,880+114,356Transaction Details
202119012 x0 x12,5640 STRONG BUY47,4510-47,451Transaction Details
202049232 x3 x7,0009,302 SELL203,490502,508+299,018Transaction Details
202048101 x0 x2,4530 STRONG BUY130,3520-130,352Transaction Details
202041101 x0 x14,4000 STRONG BUY424,8000-424,800Transaction Details
202040111 x2 x14,4008,861 SELL424,800425,083+283Transaction Details
202039888 x8 x81,81640,378 SELL01,859,811+1,859,811Transaction Details
202023252 x5 x28,80042,677 SELL849,6002,182,779+1,333,179Transaction Details
202022111 x1 x3,0002,362 SELL87,210117,297+30,087Transaction Details
202010030 x3 x010,100 STRONG SELL0440,237+440,237Transaction Details
2020110115 x1 x21,3963,467 STRONG BUY393,316199,769-193,548Transaction Details
201951101 x0 x290 STRONG BUY1,6840-1,684Transaction Details
201949101 x0 x310 STRONG BUY1,7340-1,734Transaction Details
201948101 x0 x14,4000 STRONG BUY308,7360-308,736Transaction Details
201947101 x0 x310 STRONG BUY1,7240-1,724Transaction Details
201945101 x0 x310 STRONG BUY1,7040-1,704Transaction Details
201943102 x0 x640 STRONG BUY3,4600-3,460Transaction Details
201941506 x0 x9160 STRONG BUY47,6900-47,690Transaction Details
201939788 x8 x196,98376,775 STRONG BUY1,6353,961,783+3,960,148Transaction Details
201938101 x0 x320 STRONG BUY1,6720-1,672Transaction Details
201935101 x0 x340 STRONG BUY1,5870-1,587Transaction Details
201933101 x0 x170 STRONG BUY8390-839Transaction Details
201931101 x0 x180 STRONG BUY8510-851Transaction Details
201929507 x0 x2000 STRONG BUY9,9010-9,901Transaction Details
201927111 x1 x17918 STRONG SELL83644,119+43,283Transaction Details
201925101 x0 x170 STRONG BUY8420-842Transaction Details
201923101 x0 x170 STRONG BUY8380-838Transaction Details
201922111 x1 x14,40014,400 SELL308,736689,472+380,736Transaction Details
201921101 x0 x180 STRONG BUY8590-859Transaction Details
201919101 x0 x170 STRONG BUY8630-863Transaction Details
201917101 x0 x160 STRONG BUY8510-851Transaction Details
201915101 x0 x160 STRONG BUY8440-844Transaction Details
201914303 x0 x180 STRONG BUY9380-938Transaction Details
201913111 x1 x164,000 STRONG SELL823200,080+199,257Transaction Details
201912111 x1 x14,40014,400 SELL308,736707,040+398,304Transaction Details
201911101 x0 x170 STRONG BUY8420-842Transaction Details
201910101 x0 x5600 STRONG BUY27,4680-27,468Transaction Details
20199101 x0 x160 STRONG BUY8310-831Transaction Details
20197101 x0 x170 STRONG BUY8700-870Transaction Details
20196707 x0 x3,1330 STRONG BUY153,3600-153,360Transaction Details
20195101 x0 x180 STRONG BUY8700-870Transaction Details
20194404 x0 x3460 STRONG BUY16,4970-16,497Transaction Details
20193101 x0 x180 STRONG BUY8370-837Transaction Details
20191101 x0 x190 STRONG BUY8410-841Transaction Details
201851404 x0 x1240 STRONG BUY5,1870-5,187Transaction Details
201850404 x0 x1100 STRONG BUY5,1130-5,113Transaction Details
201847424 x2 x961,836 STRONG SELL5,17498,593+93,419Transaction Details
201843404 x0 x1020 STRONG BUY5,1740-5,174Transaction Details
201841404 x0 x970 STRONG BUY5,1820-5,182Transaction Details
201840505 x0 x2,6050 STRONG BUY147,7290-147,729Transaction Details
201839404 x0 x740 STRONG BUY4,2960-4,296Transaction Details
201838666 x6 x50,98220,814 SELL01,231,773+1,231,773Transaction Details
2018376310 x6 x60,15633,918 STRONG BUY1,436,0612,002,358+566,297Transaction Details
201836333 x3 x20,40017,009 SELL356,406967,573+611,167Transaction Details
2018356012 x0 x2020 STRONG BUY10,1750-10,175Transaction Details
201833404 x0 x570 STRONG BUY2,8060-2,806Transaction Details
201831303 x0 x480 STRONG BUY2,3040-2,304Transaction Details
201829303 x0 x500 STRONG BUY2,3080-2,308Transaction Details
201828303 x0 x500 STRONG BUY2,2950-2,295Transaction Details
201826111 x1 x14,40014,400 SELL245,376643,680+398,304Transaction Details
201825303 x0 x510 STRONG BUY2,2990-2,299Transaction Details
201823414 x1 x14,44914,400 SELL247,724689,184+441,460Transaction Details
201821303 x0 x490 STRONG BUY2,3310-2,331Transaction Details
201820306 x0 x980 STRONG BUY4,6620-4,662Transaction Details
201817303 x0 x520 STRONG BUY2,3140-2,314Transaction Details
201815303 x0 x330 STRONG BUY1,5180-1,518Transaction Details
201813202 x0 x190 STRONG BUY8360-836Transaction Details
201811202 x0 x190 STRONG BUY8670-867Transaction Details
201810101 x0 x5500 STRONG BUY24,9150-24,915Transaction Details
20189202 x0 x190 STRONG BUY8580-858Transaction Details
20187303 x0 x1750 STRONG BUY8,2230-8,223Transaction Details
20185707 x0 x2,7740 STRONG BUY131,7650-131,765Transaction Details
20184202 x0 x1450 STRONG BUY7,5020-7,502Transaction Details
20183202 x0 x330 STRONG BUY1,6880-1,688Transaction Details
201752505 x0 x760 STRONG BUY3,7160-3,716Transaction Details
201750618 x3 x2,5721,453 STRONG BUY47,67970,122+22,442Transaction Details
201749000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201748505 x0 x760 STRONG BUY3,6970-3,697Transaction Details
201746505 x0 x800 STRONG BUY3,7020-3,702Transaction Details
201744505 x0 x770 STRONG BUY3,6690-3,669Transaction Details
201742505 x0 x780 STRONG BUY3,6700-3,670Transaction Details
201741404 x0 x2,1730 STRONG BUY100,1970-100,197Transaction Details
201740505 x0 x670 STRONG BUY3,1250-3,125Transaction Details
201739537 x4 x5,5642,356 STRONG BUY252,778106,872-145,906Transaction Details
201738111 x1 x11,0007,410 SELL253,000335,228+82,228Transaction Details
201737111 x1 x14,4007,548 STRONG BUY327,888327,810-78Transaction Details
201736202 x0 x440 STRONG BUY2,0370-2,037Transaction Details
201734202 x0 x340 STRONG BUY1,5980-1,598Transaction Details
201733101 x0 x300 STRONG BUY1,3970-1,397Transaction Details
201730101 x0 x290 STRONG BUY1,3720-1,372Transaction Details
201728101 x0 x300 STRONG BUY1,3720-1,372Transaction Details
201726101 x0 x300 STRONG BUY1,3650-1,365Transaction Details
201725333 x3 x34,80032,502 SELL774,7561,514,383+739,627Transaction Details
201724213 x2 x3,0301,188 STRONG BUY56,93855,468-1,470Transaction Details
201722101 x0 x290 STRONG BUY1,3770-1,377Transaction Details
201720101 x0 x300 STRONG BUY1,3820-1,382Transaction Details
201718101 x0 x300 STRONG BUY1,3970-1,397Transaction Details
201716101 x0 x40 STRONG BUY1790-179Transaction Details
201710111 x1 x14,40014,400 SELL327,888645,984+318,096Transaction Details
20175404 x0 x2600 STRONG BUY10,8810-10,881Transaction Details
2017110110 x1 x8,126642 STRONG BUY317,09227,054-290,038Transaction Details
201652303 x0 x560 STRONG BUY2,3830-2,383Transaction Details
201651000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201650303 x0 x520 STRONG BUY2,2850-2,285Transaction Details
201648303 x0 x490 STRONG BUY1,9780-1,978Transaction Details
201646303 x0 x490 STRONG BUY1,9770-1,977Transaction Details
201644303 x0 x540 STRONG BUY1,9460-1,946Transaction Details
201642303 x0 x530 STRONG BUY1,9460-1,946Transaction Details
201641202 x0 x1610 STRONG BUY5,8640-5,864Transaction Details
201640303 x0 x530 STRONG BUY1,9270-1,927Transaction Details
201639323 x2 x16,0907,124 STRONG BUY315,189266,366-48,823Transaction Details
201638303 x0 x520 STRONG BUY1,9170-1,917Transaction Details
201637222 x2 x17,40016,346 SELL303,690594,271+290,581Transaction Details
201636303 x0 x490 STRONG BUY1,8300-1,830Transaction Details
201634202 x0 x350 STRONG BUY1,3130-1,313Transaction Details
201632202 x0 x350 STRONG BUY1,2860-1,286Transaction Details
201630306 x0 x1400 STRONG BUY5,0320-5,032Transaction Details
201628306 x0 x1440 STRONG BUY5,0950-5,095Transaction Details
201626303 x0 x740 STRONG BUY2,5220-2,522Transaction Details
201624315 x2 x11,0727,303 SELL194,117257,723+63,606Transaction Details
201623336 x6 x38,49137,657 SELL939,5201,369,271+429,752Transaction Details
201622303 x0 x760 STRONG BUY2,5150-2,515Transaction Details
201620303 x0 x780 STRONG BUY2,5370-2,537Transaction Details
201618303 x0 x440 STRONG BUY1,4320-1,432Transaction Details
201616202 x0 x410 STRONG BUY1,3470-1,347Transaction Details
201614202 x0 x430 STRONG BUY1,3310-1,331Transaction Details
201612415 x1 x51,00537,186 SELL909,7371,223,048+313,310Transaction Details
201610313 x1 x59,04241,506 SELL1,036,7761,314,910+278,134Transaction Details
20169010 x1 x01,006 STRONG SELL030,743+30,743Transaction Details
20168202 x0 x480 STRONG BUY1,3620-1,362Transaction Details
20166202 x0 x450 STRONG BUY1,3150-1,315Transaction Details
20164202 x0 x580 STRONG BUY1,5970-1,597Transaction Details
20162202 x0 x480 STRONG BUY1,3070-1,307Transaction Details
20155315316 x3 x14,76223,123 BUY367,557146,209-221,348Transaction Details
2016115316 x3 x14,76223,123 BUY367,557146,209-221,348Transaction Details
201551111 x1 x1,500883 STRONG BUY24,75024,724-26Transaction Details
201550818 x1 x1,213743 BUY22,39620,217-2,179Transaction Details
201549323 x2 x15,0005,420 STRONG BUY123,750153,644+29,894Transaction Details
2015489412 x8 x53,66745,721 SELL866,6121,392,462+525,850Transaction Details
201546606 x0 x1810 STRONG BUY5,3500-5,350Transaction Details
201544606 x0 x1380 STRONG BUY4,2720-4,272Transaction Details
201542505 x0 x1290 STRONG BUY3,7890-3,789Transaction Details
201541101 x0 x70 STRONG BUY2100-210Transaction Details
201540404 x0 x960 STRONG BUY2,8720-2,872Transaction Details
2015387810 x10 x40,16129,183 SELL814,009871,063+57,054Transaction Details
201536303 x0 x870 STRONG BUY2,7080-2,708Transaction Details
201534303 x0 x740 STRONG BUY2,2530-2,253Transaction Details
201532202 x0 x620 STRONG BUY2,0730-2,073Transaction Details
201530202 x0 x630 STRONG BUY2,0680-2,068Transaction Details
201528202 x0 x610 STRONG BUY2,0730-2,073Transaction Details
201526202 x0 x580 STRONG BUY2,0850-2,085Transaction Details
201525202 x0 x420 STRONG BUY1,5210-1,521Transaction Details
201522101 x0 x280 STRONG BUY1,0170-1,017Transaction Details
201520101 x0 x280 STRONG BUY1,0010-1,001Transaction Details
201518101 x0 x500 STRONG BUY1,7640-1,764Transaction Details
201516101 x0 x10 STRONG BUY370-37Transaction Details
201512020 x3 x02,750 STRONG SELL0102,583+102,583Transaction Details
201511111 x1 x106,00071,004 SELL1,738,4002,691,052+952,652Transaction Details
20158202 x0 x450 STRONG BUY1,6650-1,665Transaction Details
20156202 x0 x350 STRONG BUY1,3140-1,314Transaction Details
20155101 x0 x1,3840 STRONG BUY50,5990-50,599Transaction Details
20154202 x0 x350 STRONG BUY1,3000-1,300Transaction Details
20152202 x0 x360 STRONG BUY1,3160-1,316Transaction Details
201519210 x3 x34,17926,800 SELL749,6951,001,595+251,900Transaction Details
201452828 x2 x19515,500 STRONG SELL7,6440-7,644Transaction Details
2014509210 x2 x3,6961,814 STRONG BUY60,67469,082+8,408Transaction Details
201449010 x1 x0638 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201448808 x0 x1820 STRONG BUY7,1030-7,103Transaction Details
201447101 x0 x1,0000000Transaction Details
201446707 x0 x1630 STRONG BUY6,9570-6,957Transaction Details
201444707 x0 x1670 STRONG BUY6,9890-6,989Transaction Details
201442707 x0 x1770 STRONG BUY6,9740-6,974Transaction Details
201441707 x0 x2,6300 STRONG BUY102,4910-102,491Transaction Details
201440526 x2 x26,86318,904 SELL415,050726,608+311,558Transaction Details
2014388912 x10 x24,84614,541 STRONG BUY1,004,818596,782-408,036Transaction Details
201436516 x2 x9,7655,188 STRONG BUY222,633218,519-4,114Transaction Details
201435333 x3 x44,15022,409 STRONG BUY675,255943,316+268,062Transaction Details
201434404 x0 x830 STRONG BUY3,4910-3,491Transaction Details
201432303 x0 x870 STRONG BUY3,4340-3,434Transaction Details
201430303 x0 x780 STRONG BUY3,0790-3,079Transaction Details
201428202 x0 x650 STRONG BUY2,6500-2,650Transaction Details
201427111 x3 x14,0008,511 SELL229,600349,112+119,512Transaction Details
201426202 x0 x610 STRONG BUY2,5880-2,588Transaction Details
201424202 x0 x630 STRONG BUY2,6350-2,635Transaction Details
201422202 x0 x630 STRONG BUY2,6190-2,619Transaction Details
201421111 x1 x14,40014,400 SELL218,592596,016+377,424Transaction Details
201420204 x0 x1240 STRONG BUY4,9360-4,936Transaction Details
201418202 x0 x630 STRONG BUY2,6480-2,648Transaction Details
201416202 x0 x340 STRONG BUY1,4340-1,434Transaction Details
201414202 x0 x320 STRONG BUY1,3270-1,327Transaction Details
201413121 x3 x11,00011,551 SELL253,000484,100+231,100Transaction Details
201412202 x0 x310 STRONG BUY1,3060-1,306Transaction Details
201410314 x3 x22,03022,000 SELL489,279943,789+454,510Transaction Details
20148303 x0 x20,0300 STRONG BUY1,2820-1,282Transaction Details
20146202 x0 x310 STRONG BUY1,3060-1,306Transaction Details
20144202 x0 x330 STRONG BUY1,3630-1,363Transaction Details
20142202 x0 x300 STRONG BUY1,2780-1,278Transaction Details
2014110010 x0 x10,2600 STRONG BUY445,9000-445,900Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details