ISTAR INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in ISTAR INC..

ISTAR INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202091016 x0 x67,1060 STRONG BUY3,791,4250-3,791,425Transaction Details
202081025 x0 x118,5540 STRONG BUY6,249,3220-6,249,322Transaction Details
20207101 x0 x60,3720000Transaction Details
20205617 x1 x118,98222,934000Transaction Details
20204101 x0 x53,1660000Transaction Details
20203212 x1 x51,35219,346 STRONG BUY789,3000-789,300Transaction Details
202022046 x0 x762,9540 STRONG BUY33,850,5000-33,850,500Transaction Details
202013216 x2 x245,81214,398 STRONG BUY9,359,0490-9,359,049Transaction Details
201912010 x1 x0158,615 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201911101 x0 x64,1010000Transaction Details
2019101021 x0 x149,8110 STRONG BUY5,019,7320-5,019,732Transaction Details
201992039 x0 x393,2960 STRONG BUY11,275,3780-11,275,378Transaction Details
201981019 x0 x200,8400 STRONG BUY4,257,7480-4,257,748Transaction Details
201971020 x0 x100,0000 STRONG BUY3,202,1350-3,202,135Transaction Details
201964249 x5 x658,521246,693 STRONG BUY7,274,1730-7,274,173Transaction Details
201957122 x6 x190,693158,144 BUY1,267,8280-1,267,828Transaction Details
201941022 x0 x57,7680 STRONG BUY1,345,5030-1,345,503Transaction Details
201932025 x0 x61,6240 STRONG BUY1,245,4920-1,245,492Transaction Details
20192108 x0 x63,5350 STRONG BUY340,5590-340,559Transaction Details
2018121020 x0 x107,9910 STRONG BUY2,072,9110-2,072,911Transaction Details
2018112017 x0 x61,4620 STRONG BUY1,184,0200-1,184,020Transaction Details
201810104 x0 x64,8060 STRONG BUY332,0090-332,009Transaction Details
20189102 x0 x133,5240 STRONG BUY2,185,2760-2,185,276Transaction Details
20185506 x0 x79,7080000Transaction Details
20183435 x4 x437,293211,568 STRONG BUY2,4990-2,499Transaction Details
201811017 x0 x379,4200 STRONG BUY6,788,1740-6,788,174Transaction Details
2017121119 x5 x357,89324,505 STRONG BUY6,414,470379,927-6,034,543Transaction Details
2017111012 x0 x109,6390 STRONG BUY2,005,4420-2,005,442Transaction Details
201792017 x0 x429,5980 STRONG BUY8,363,7770-8,363,777Transaction Details
201781023 x0 x730,1350 STRONG BUY13,951,4100-13,951,410Transaction Details
20177216 x1 x137,0997,394 STRONG BUY2,185,4350-2,185,435Transaction Details
20176101 x0 x2,250,0000 STRONG BUY45,000,0000-45,000,000Transaction Details
20175515 x1 x56,81740,000 SELL0492,000+492,000Transaction Details
20171010 x1 x0100,000 STRONG SELL01,231,630+1,231,630Transaction Details
201612020 x2 x0140,225 STRONG SELL01,221,330+1,221,330Transaction Details
201611121 x6 x40064,100 STRONG SELL9,780779,695+769,915Transaction Details
20165506 x0 x73,4370 STRONG BUY19,7820-19,782Transaction Details
20164435 x3 x76,71124,294000Transaction Details
20163202 x0 x3,6370 STRONG BUY76,8700-76,870Transaction Details
20162101 x0 x5000 STRONG BUY10,1500-10,150Transaction Details
20161111 x1 x6,6662,803000Transaction Details
20158111 x1 x99,34039,100000Transaction Details
20156222 x2 x17,98623,381000Transaction Details
20155010 x2 x0151,866 STRONG SELL02,180,796+2,180,796Transaction Details
20153336 x6 x301,437157,303000Transaction Details
201411020 x3 x081,666 STRONG SELL01,166,271+1,166,271Transaction Details
20149010 x2 x014,444 STRONG SELL0211,605+211,605Transaction Details
20148030 x5 x034,444 STRONG SELL0513,500+513,500Transaction Details
20147010 x2 x014,444 STRONG SELL0209,727+209,727Transaction Details
20146103 x0 x1,045,6150000Transaction Details
20145404 x0 x39,5700000Transaction Details
20143010 x4 x084,257 STRONG SELL01,293,415+1,293,415Transaction Details
20142339 x12 x1,277,944766,348 SELL01,217,185+1,217,185Transaction Details
20141010 x3 x079,176 STRONG SELL01,151,404+1,151,404Transaction Details