$MTSC MTS SYSTEMS CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in MTS SYSTEMS CORP.

MTS SYSTEMS CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
2021140110 x23 x0297,360 STRONG SELL017,395,560+17,395,560Transaction Details
20217626 x2 x12,8501,139 SELL066,697+66,697Transaction Details
202052505 x0 x35,4890000Transaction Details
202051010 x1 x016,727 STRONG SELL0976,522+976,522Transaction Details
202050438 x6 x15,4243,450 SELL0201,446+201,446Transaction Details
202049040 x8 x02,012 STRONG SELL077,241+77,241Transaction Details
202046101 x0 x4,4250000Transaction Details
202042303 x0 x18,9870000Transaction Details
202037111 x1 x6,897186 SELL04,046+4,046Transaction Details
202033010 x1 x043 STRONG SELL01,076+1,076Transaction Details
202028010 x1 x01,274 STRONG SELL023,658+23,658Transaction Details
202024101 x0 x24,1680000Transaction Details
202020010 x1 x080 STRONG SELL01,090+1,090Transaction Details
202016050 x10 x05,076 STRONG SELL093,195+93,195Transaction Details
202015010 x1 x0107 STRONG SELL02,242+2,242Transaction Details
202011101 x0 x1,9860000Transaction Details
20209101 x0 x4000 STRONG BUY16,5400-16,540Transaction Details
20208101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY44,1400-44,140Transaction Details
20207010 x1 x0269 STRONG SELL012,092+12,092Transaction Details
20206404 x0 x10,2280 STRONG BUY60,0780-60,078Transaction Details
20205202 x0 x3,0000 STRONG BUY135,4200-135,420Transaction Details
201950437 x3 x30,3784,844 SELL0226,166+226,166Transaction Details
201949050 x6 x01,991 STRONG SELL093,049+93,049Transaction Details
201948507 x0 x40,9400 STRONG BUY1,880,0330-1,880,033Transaction Details
201941010 x1 x068 STRONG SELL03,670+3,670Transaction Details
201937010 x1 x0186 STRONG SELL010,580+10,580Transaction Details
201933020 x2 x0676 STRONG SELL039,451+39,451Transaction Details
201928212 x1 x18,19345 SELL02,523+2,523Transaction Details
201922102 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY54,3480-54,348Transaction Details
201920101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY56,3060-56,306Transaction Details
201919010 x1 x081 STRONG SELL04,541+4,541Transaction Details
201915262 x7 x3,6302,914 SELL0160,977+160,977Transaction Details
20197010 x1 x0269 STRONG SELL014,276+14,276Transaction Details
20196505 x0 x12,1880000Transaction Details
201850010 x1 x094 STRONG SELL04,222+4,222Transaction Details
201849132 x3 x10,9062,845 STRONG BUY93,600135,394+41,794Transaction Details
2018487011 x0 x28,0780 STRONG BUY525,6340-525,634Transaction Details
201847101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY91,9600-91,960Transaction Details
201841010 x1 x068 STRONG SELL03,508+3,508Transaction Details
201837101 x0 x1,8200000Transaction Details
201832020 x2 x0674 STRONG SELL034,576+34,576Transaction Details
201828010 x1 x045 STRONG SELL02,435+2,435Transaction Details
201819010 x1 x080 STRONG SELL04,172+4,172Transaction Details
201818101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY97,8000-97,800Transaction Details
201815555 x6 x12,6111,432 SELL074,746+74,746Transaction Details
201810203 x0 x6,0000 STRONG BUY320,8800-320,880Transaction Details
20187101 x0 x2,0490000Transaction Details
20186505 x0 x12,7660000Transaction Details
20182111 x1 x14457 SELL03,104+3,104Transaction Details
201751000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201750111 x1 x24382 SELL04,543+4,543Transaction Details
201749111 x1 x2,467829 SELL045,927+45,927Transaction Details
201742111 x1 x66675 SELL03,998+3,998Transaction Details
201735101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY235,6300-235,630Transaction Details
201734101 x0 x4,0000 STRONG BUY185,6000-185,600Transaction Details
201733212 x1 x2,861884 STRONG BUY48,31442,697-5,617Transaction Details
201732101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY482,0110-482,011Transaction Details
201729111 x1 x14648 SELL02,542+2,542Transaction Details
201724112 x2 x28,79025,246 SELL1,133,7501,366,189+232,439Transaction Details
201723707 x0 x15,7790 STRONG BUY844,1770-844,177Transaction Details
201720000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201719101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY257,7500-257,750Transaction Details
201716222 x2 x1,460509 SELL023,541+23,541Transaction Details
20178111 x1 x19275 SELL04,148+4,148Transaction Details
201649447 x7 x8,1902,755 SELL0148,081+148,081Transaction Details
201646222 x2 x552187 SELL09,864+9,864Transaction Details
201634010 x1 x0491 STRONG SELL024,217+24,217Transaction Details
201633000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201619101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY94,8800-94,880Transaction Details
201616111 x1 x750246 SELL013,417+13,417Transaction Details
201614202 x0 x2,3220 STRONG BUY120,6890-120,689Transaction Details
20167223 x3 x690268 SELL014,043+14,043Transaction Details
201668013 x0 x22,3940 STRONG BUY704,0310-704,031Transaction Details
201550101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY61,0490-61,049Transaction Details
201549448 x6 x8,4782,553 STRONG BUY12,645152,780+140,134Transaction Details
201546111 x1 x15049 SELL03,051+3,051Transaction Details
201536101 x0 x2540 STRONG BUY14,7550-14,755Transaction Details
201534101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY301,6500-301,650Transaction Details
201527444 x4 x5,1191,715 SELL0118,575+118,575Transaction Details
201524111 x1 x2,733919 SELL065,663+65,663Transaction Details
201520111 x1 x8433 SELL02,200+2,200Transaction Details
201515111 x1 x750258 SELL018,973+18,973Transaction Details
201511111 x1 x556217 SELL015,555+15,555Transaction Details
20157111 x1 x19376 SELL05,494+5,494Transaction Details
20156505 x0 x6,5010 STRONG BUY460,4010-460,401Transaction Details
201449676 x7 x6,6002,514 SELL0148,183+148,183Transaction Details
201446112 x2 x1,804608 SELL040,517+40,517Transaction Details
201432113 x3 x23,33423,334 SELL986,5731,589,789+603,216Transaction Details
201427555 x5 x6,3432,131 SELL0148,701+148,701Transaction Details
201424111 x1 x2,733919 SELL061,463+61,463Transaction Details
201420000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201415111 x1 x750259 SELL016,617+16,617Transaction Details
201411111 x1 x557217 SELL015,617+15,617Transaction Details
20148101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY72,7840-72,784Transaction Details
20147112 x1 x5,00010,705 STRONG SELL209,590776,794+567,204Transaction Details
20146707 x0 x9,8110000Transaction Details
20145212 x1 x10,6005,600 STRONG BUY558,914400,226-158,688Transaction Details