NRG ENERGY, INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in NRG ENERGY, INC..

NRG ENERGY, INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20216101 x0 x5,4850000Transaction Details
2021515015 x0 x3,5440000Transaction Details
2021211011 x0 x2,0060000Transaction Details
202116622 x34 x368,221229,284 SELL84,8331,751,464+1,666,631Transaction Details
202012010 x1 x09,000 STRONG SELL0300,600+300,600Transaction Details
20201115015 x0 x3,7750000Transaction Details
202010101 x0 x5,3410000Transaction Details
2020814014 x0 x3,5490000Transaction Details
20206909 x0 x45,7390000Transaction Details
2020512012 x0 x3,1210000Transaction Details
2020215015 x0 x3,2140000Transaction Details
20201111129 x53 x1,123,358693,496 SELL05,609,514+5,609,514Transaction Details
20191116116 x1 x354100,000 STRONG SELL03,951,000+3,951,000Transaction Details
201910202 x0 x8,4820000Transaction Details
2019816025 x0 x6410000Transaction Details
20196909 x0 x49,4890000Transaction Details
2019513013 x0 x8680000Transaction Details
20193112 x2 x6,60041,011 STRONG SELL142,1901,715,468+1,573,278Transaction Details
2019214014 x0 x8810000Transaction Details
201917737 x55 x1,683,5271,190,725 SELL1,211,1716,048,843+4,837,673Transaction Details
20181114014 x0 x1,3170000Transaction Details
20189122 x4 x15,20084,175 STRONG SELL330,9182,959,754+2,628,836Transaction Details
2018814124 x2 x2,1799,200 STRONG SELL0305,570+305,570Transaction Details
20186909 x0 x48,9700000Transaction Details
2018514114 x1 x1,5553,095 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20183202 x0 x8,2880000Transaction Details
2018215015 x0 x2,1860000Transaction Details
201817713 x20 x259,846136,774000Transaction Details
20171115016 x0 x4,6890 STRONG BUY72,1030-72,103Transaction Details
2017814014 x0 x2,1730000Transaction Details
2017612012 x0 x104,8690000Transaction Details
2017513013 x0 x3,0750000Transaction Details
20173205 x0 x1,232,5370 STRONG BUY21,529,3680-21,529,368Transaction Details
2017217017 x0 x18,7920000Transaction Details
201716649 x6 x282,12024,347 STRONG BUY215,7200-215,720Transaction Details
20161114114 x1 x3,401108000Transaction Details
2016814114 x1 x2,63884000Transaction Details
2016612112 x1 x98,3733,182 SELL054,861+54,861Transaction Details
2016515115 x1 x2,3711,968 SELL030,530+30,530Transaction Details
2016216016 x0 x16,4990000Transaction Details
20161676 x7 x249,99234,250000Transaction Details
201512508 x0 x35,0080 STRONG BUY316,8140-316,814Transaction Details
20151115017 x0 x20,7430 STRONG BUY97,9970-97,997Transaction Details
2015815019 x0 x15,8870 STRONG BUY157,3330-157,333Transaction Details
2015612012 x0 x66,3340000Transaction Details
2015515015 x0 x6,6770000Transaction Details
20153101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY116,9500-116,950Transaction Details
2015215015 x0 x6,6450000Transaction Details
201516514 x11 x511,806244,315 STRONG BUY574,9720-574,972Transaction Details
20141116120 x1 x130,66888,700 BUY3,103,8342,770,988-332,846Transaction Details
201410111 x1 x32,00032,000 SELL756,480865,280+108,800Transaction Details
20149323 x3 x81,43859,172 BUY1,353,6171,038,886-314,731Transaction Details
2014816416 x7 x4,266156,365 STRONG SELL04,552,193+4,552,193Transaction Details
20147224 x3 x161,868168,786 SELL3,763,4326,188,280+2,424,848Transaction Details
2014612113 x1 x41,7541,382 SELL050,360+50,360Transaction Details
2014517017 x0 x3,7980000Transaction Details
20143010 x2 x0100,000 STRONG SELL02,770,515+2,770,515Transaction Details
2014217017 x0 x3,9610000Transaction Details
201417512 x10 x332,178143,505000Transaction Details