VERISIGN INC/CA Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in VERISIGN INC/CA.

VERISIGN INC/CA Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20218010 x3 x03,000 STRONG SELL0643,264+643,264Transaction Details
20215030 x11 x014,009 STRONG SELL03,053,728+3,053,728Transaction Details
20214040 x9 x020,326 STRONG SELL04,199,725+4,199,725Transaction Details
20213020 x2 x02,226 STRONG SELL0435,990+435,990Transaction Details
20212448 x17 x118,16252,474 SELL010,336,202+10,336,202Transaction Details
20211020 x4 x013,226 STRONG SELL02,646,898+2,646,898Transaction Details
202012020 x8 x013,226 STRONG SELL02,844,648+2,844,648Transaction Details
202011040 x11 x017,762 STRONG SELL03,565,320+3,565,320Transaction Details
202010030 x18 x029,218 STRONG SELL06,083,376+6,083,376Transaction Details
20209020 x20 x056,608 STRONG SELL011,860,815+11,860,815Transaction Details
20208040 x9 x017,537 STRONG SELL03,395,575+3,395,575Transaction Details
202078311 x9 x13,23322,706 STRONG SELL04,694,971+4,694,971Transaction Details
20205040 x14 x035,744 STRONG SELL04,130,014+4,130,014Transaction Details
20204030 x4 x017,243 STRONG SELL03,640,712+3,640,712Transaction Details
202024512 x25 x228,57796,218 SELL020,005,762+20,005,762Transaction Details
201911040 x8 x05,523 STRONG SELL01,031,752+1,031,752Transaction Details
201910040 x4 x01,594 STRONG SELL0297,196+297,196Transaction Details
20198080 x19 x010,454 STRONG SELL01,810,088+1,810,088Transaction Details
20197747 x4 x8,1181,874 SELL0401,021+401,021Transaction Details
20195040 x18 x016,426 STRONG SELL02,829,870+2,829,870Transaction Details
20194050 x5 x04,016 STRONG SELL0754,463+754,463Transaction Details
201924512 x37 x329,498156,303 SELL027,319,315+27,319,315Transaction Details
20191030 x3 x0951 STRONG SELL0156,382+156,382Transaction Details
201812010 x2 x07,384 STRONG SELL0497,673+497,673Transaction Details
201811060 x12 x014,583 STRONG SELL01,222,203+1,222,203Transaction Details
201810030 x3 x01,299 STRONG SELL0183,666+183,666Transaction Details
20188040 x8 x04,001 STRONG SELL0608,625+608,625Transaction Details
20187636 x3 x10,1041,299 SELL0193,668+193,668Transaction Details
20185040 x8 x04,002 STRONG SELL0508,280+508,280Transaction Details
20184070 x9 x019,979 STRONG SELL02,493,180+2,493,180Transaction Details
201827713 x23 x448,320184,539 SELL022,192,655+22,192,655Transaction Details
20181050 x6 x01,816 STRONG SELL0207,819+207,819Transaction Details
201711040 x5 x03,169 STRONG SELL0357,705+357,705Transaction Details
201710030 x3 x01,375 STRONG SELL0149,793+149,793Transaction Details
20178060 x6 x04,836 STRONG SELL0480,407+480,407Transaction Details
20177636 x3 x14,8501,375 SELL0135,905+135,905Transaction Details
20175050 x5 x02,700 STRONG SELL0184,595+184,595Transaction Details
20174040 x6 x010,711 STRONG SELL0950,050+950,050Transaction Details
20172457 x16 x245,902104,565 SELL08,580,516+8,580,516Transaction Details
20171040 x5 x06,129 STRONG SELL0510,831+510,831Transaction Details
201611020 x2 x01,138 STRONG SELL084,563+84,563Transaction Details
201610030 x3 x05,304 STRONG SELL0406,074+406,074Transaction Details
20168010 x1 x01,477 STRONG SELL0125,988+125,988Transaction Details
20167616 x1 x17,862387000Transaction Details
20165020 x7 x039,368 STRONG SELL03,482,869+3,482,869Transaction Details
20164020 x3 x08,304 STRONG SELL0741,416+741,416Transaction Details
20163030 x3 x014,253 STRONG SELL01,224,048+1,224,048Transaction Details
20162446 x11 x167,48870,038 SELL05,612,172+5,612,172Transaction Details
20161010 x1 x096 STRONG SELL07,128+7,128Transaction Details
201512101 x0 x1,6650000Transaction Details
201511010 x1 x0744 STRONG SELL060,681+60,681Transaction Details
201510303 x0 x46,1790000Transaction Details
20157616 x1 x22,1224,630 SELL0285,764+285,764Transaction Details
20155010 x2 x07,113 STRONG SELL0456,086+456,086Transaction Details
20154213 x1 x78,90682 STRONG BUY64,1905,551-58,639Transaction Details
20153101 x0 x8,8840 STRONG BUY286,7760-286,776Transaction Details
20152567 x17 x174,62285,099 STRONG BUY399,8225,346,617+4,946,795Transaction Details
20151010 x1 x096 STRONG SELL05,337+5,337Transaction Details
201411212 x1 x12,5463,546 STRONG BUY127,869213,009+85,140Transaction Details
201410223 x6 x14,61933,372 STRONG SELL422,6531,959,763+1,537,111Transaction Details
20147606 x0 x29,0400000Transaction Details
20145010 x2 x07,114 STRONG SELL0347,590+347,590Transaction Details
20144010 x1 x0333 STRONG SELL018,009+18,009Transaction Details
20143020 x2 x08,165 STRONG SELL0456,900+456,900Transaction Details
201425410 x17 x126,30139,257 STRONG BUY327,1282,166,199+1,839,071Transaction Details
20141020 x2 x01,302 STRONG SELL079,448+79,448Transaction Details