$AVID AVID TECHNOLOGY, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in AVID TECHNOLOGY, INC..

AVID TECHNOLOGY, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202124010 x1 x05,782 STRONG SELL0210,349+210,349Transaction Details
202122010 x1 x01,606 STRONG SELL049,593+49,593Transaction Details
202121010 x1 x0539 STRONG SELL016,585+16,585Transaction Details
202118010 x1 x01,250 STRONG SELL028,563+28,563Transaction Details
202115020 x2 x03,848 STRONG SELL088,559+88,559Transaction Details
202114010 x1 x0923 STRONG SELL019,918+19,918Transaction Details
202112010 x1 x08,376 STRONG SELL0168,860+168,860Transaction Details
2021118631 x28 x779,841472,272 SELL7,472,40110,154,133+2,681,733Transaction Details
20219020 x2 x05,615 STRONG SELL0108,875+108,875Transaction Details
20218010 x1 x0579 STRONG SELL012,414+12,414Transaction Details
20213010 x1 x01,479 STRONG SELL024,063+24,063Transaction Details
202052010 x1 x08,374 STRONG SELL0115,310+115,310Transaction Details
202050040 x7 x016,382 STRONG SELL0228,738+228,738Transaction Details
202049010 x1 x01,848 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
202048020 x2 x04,614 STRONG SELL056,060+56,060Transaction Details
202044010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL019,040+19,040Transaction Details
202040010 x1 x03,658 STRONG SELL032,044+32,044Transaction Details
202039010 x1 x08,371 STRONG SELL068,810+68,810Transaction Details
202037040 x7 x016,353 STRONG SELL0132,623+132,623Transaction Details
202035020 x2 x04,816 STRONG SELL039,010+39,010Transaction Details
202033102 x0 x1,3350000Transaction Details
202032111 x1 x70,35570,355 SELL550,176655,090+104,913Transaction Details
202028102 x0 x108,1020 STRONG BUY749,1920-749,192Transaction Details
202026010 x1 x08,369 STRONG SELL059,922+59,922Transaction Details
202025102 x0 x26,6160 STRONG BUY185,9520-185,952Transaction Details
202024152 x9 x107,39321,742 STRONG BUY785,863156,132-629,731Transaction Details
202023101 x0 x111,8110 STRONG BUY833,6400-833,640Transaction Details
202022113 x1 x1,076,4533,618 STRONG BUY7,309,66025,543-7,284,117Transaction Details
202021106 x0 x1,049,0730 STRONG BUY6,422,8780-6,422,878Transaction Details
202019101 x0 x46,3340 STRONG BUY276,7250-276,725Transaction Details
202018102 x0 x39,9820 STRONG BUY239,1480-239,148Transaction Details
202017808 x0 x131,0480000Transaction Details
202016102 x0 x8,3210 STRONG BUY49,8390-49,839Transaction Details
202015105 x0 x170,3220 STRONG BUY977,9270-977,927Transaction Details
2020143110 x2 x235,7915,000,000 STRONG SELL1,308,1670-1,308,167Transaction Details
202013103 x0 x20,7800 STRONG BUY123,5070-123,507Transaction Details
202012113 x1 x34,67533,472 SELL200,125244,680+44,556Transaction Details
2020117526 x20 x1,002,147191,351 STRONG BUY3,268,1341,178,557-2,089,577Transaction Details
202010020 x2 x03,146 STRONG SELL022,431+22,431Transaction Details
20209010 x1 x04,050 STRONG SELL029,930+29,930Transaction Details
20201112 x2 x100,00096,207 SELL766,000793,708+27,708Transaction Details
201950040 x4 x013,001 STRONG SELL0112,329+112,329Transaction Details
201949040 x5 x013,998 STRONG SELL0107,645+107,645Transaction Details
201948020 x2 x05,434 STRONG SELL042,766+42,766Transaction Details
201944102 x0 x37,8190 STRONG BUY169,1340-169,134Transaction Details
201937040 x4 x012,995 STRONG SELL083,038+83,038Transaction Details
201936040 x5 x013,996 STRONG SELL098,532+98,532Transaction Details
201935020 x2 x05,107 STRONG SELL038,098+38,098Transaction Details
201930545 x4 x207,01481,920 STRONG BUY1,977,339815,923-1,161,416Transaction Details
201929010 x1 x0391 STRONG SELL03,992+3,992Transaction Details
201924050 x5 x012,981 STRONG SELL0102,160+102,160Transaction Details
201923050 x6 x013,888 STRONG SELL0107,533+107,533Transaction Details
201922020 x2 x019,286 STRONG SELL0149,467+149,467Transaction Details
201919343 x4 x9,00020,203 STRONG SELL64,980160,969+95,989Transaction Details
201917808 x0 x107,6000000Transaction Details
201915010 x1 x0391 STRONG SELL03,253+3,253Transaction Details
2019116513 x11 x717,306240,691 STRONG BUY2,693,8401,429,100-1,264,740Transaction Details
201910050 x10 x018,697 STRONG SELL082,680+82,680Transaction Details
20192010 x2 x0782 STRONG SELL03,730+3,730Transaction Details
201849050 x10 x017,850 STRONG SELL0108,171+108,171Transaction Details
201841010 x1 x0390 STRONG SELL02,258+2,258Transaction Details
201836050 x10 x017,849 STRONG SELL0111,913+111,913Transaction Details
201834020 x2 x09,242 STRONG SELL054,655+54,655Transaction Details
201831101 x0 x15,7820000Transaction Details
201828010 x2 x0984 STRONG SELL05,196+5,196Transaction Details
201823040 x9 x014,776 STRONG SELL070,756+70,756Transaction Details
201822010 x1 x03,013 STRONG SELL014,734+14,734Transaction Details
201821202 x0 x147,0580000Transaction Details
201820010 x2 x01,284 STRONG SELL06,664+6,664Transaction Details
201818707 x0 x167,7060000Transaction Details
201812101 x0 x226,7570000Transaction Details
201810555 x11 x391,50629,043 SELL0149,455+149,455Transaction Details
20189020 x3 x032,388 STRONG SELL0164,945+164,945Transaction Details
20188010 x1 x0758 STRONG SELL03,661+3,661Transaction Details
201750161 x11 x20,00075,966 STRONG SELL126,764459,066+332,302Transaction Details
201749103 x0 x60,0000 STRONG BUY384,6400-384,640Transaction Details
201748010 x1 x0708 STRONG SELL05,225+5,225Transaction Details
201737050 x9 x015,838 STRONG SELL067,470+67,470Transaction Details
201734010 x1 x0708 STRONG SELL03,151+3,151Transaction Details
201733010 x1 x0187 STRONG SELL0810+810Transaction Details
201724152 x9 x278,10015,834 STRONG BUY1,388,54178,062-1,310,479Transaction Details
201723010 x1 x09,500 STRONG SELL048,717+48,717Transaction Details
201721010 x1 x0688 STRONG SELL03,750+3,750Transaction Details
201720010 x1 x0216 STRONG SELL01,199+1,199Transaction Details
201719505 x0 x105,1150000Transaction Details
201710656 x9 x580,88047,113 SELL0237,450+237,450Transaction Details
20179010 x1 x0824 STRONG SELL04,820+4,820Transaction Details
20177040 x5 x08,218 STRONG SELL045,644+45,644Transaction Details
20172010 x1 x0291 STRONG SELL01,324+1,324Transaction Details
201650151 x5 x245,7008,386 SELL038,324+38,324Transaction Details
201649101 x0 x110,1320000Transaction Details
201648010 x1 x0708 STRONG SELL03,080+3,080Transaction Details
201646050 x6 x010,653 STRONG SELL047,665+47,665Transaction Details
201641010 x1 x0271 STRONG SELL02,024+2,024Transaction Details
201637050 x5 x08,498 STRONG SELL065,944+65,944Transaction Details
201634121 x2 x50,00046,906 SELL370,000441,713+71,713Transaction Details
201633168 x14 x610,319620,173 SELL4,729,1835,593,444+864,262Transaction Details
201627010 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL01,194+1,194Transaction Details
201624060 x6 x08,832 STRONG SELL053,434+53,434Transaction Details
201622101 x0 x16,5000 STRONG BUY101,4920-101,492Transaction Details
201620718 x1 x287,554149 STRONG BUY991,501854-990,647Transaction Details
201619363 x8 x169,26321,345 STRONG BUY972,498119,107-853,390Transaction Details
201617010 x1 x0209 STRONG SELL01,216+1,216Transaction Details
201614010 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL01,210+1,210Transaction Details
201610767 x6 x431,41928,281 SELL0199,381+199,381Transaction Details
20168010 x1 x0235 STRONG SELL01,708+1,708Transaction Details
20167060 x9 x011,965 STRONG SELL079,788+79,788Transaction Details
20164010 x1 x0251 STRONG SELL01,770+1,770Transaction Details
20161010 x1 x0235 STRONG SELL01,758+1,758Transaction Details
201553010 x1 x0235 STRONG SELL01,758+1,758Transaction Details
201547020 x2 x0356 STRONG SELL02,278+2,278Transaction Details
201546102 x0 x8,0000 STRONG BUY50,1500-50,150Transaction Details
201545151 x8 x40,00013,991 STRONG BUY245,60089,109-156,491Transaction Details
201543010 x1 x0216 STRONG SELL01,812+1,812Transaction Details
201541010 x2 x0100,000 STRONG SELL0849,200+849,200Transaction Details
201540020 x6 x0220,805 STRONG SELL01,818,828+1,818,828Transaction Details
201539010 x3 x0250,778 STRONG SELL02,008,852+2,008,852Transaction Details
201537101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY87,0000-87,000Transaction Details
201535010 x2 x07,087,238 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201534212 x1 x126,247202 STRONG BUY799,0001,539-797,461Transaction Details
201533010 x1 x0617 STRONG SELL05,646+5,646Transaction Details
201532252 x8 x30,00012,725 STRONG BUY285,400116,080-169,320Transaction Details
201530111 x1 x7,424216 SELL02,722+2,722Transaction Details
201527010 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL02,679+2,679Transaction Details
201522102 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY178,4000-178,400Transaction Details
201521121 x2 x50,000507 STRONG BUY848,5008,639-839,861Transaction Details
201520101 x0 x50,0000 STRONG BUY807,0000-807,000Transaction Details
201519667 x10 x144,34015,328 STRONG BUY1,533,000237,681-1,295,319Transaction Details
201517010 x1 x0214 STRONG SELL03,456+3,456Transaction Details
201514010 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL03,058+3,058Transaction Details
201510708 x0 x309,7720000Transaction Details
20158020 x2 x0506 STRONG SELL07,489+7,489Transaction Details
20157040 x8 x020,390 STRONG SELL0281,267+281,267Transaction Details
20156020 x4 x018,721 STRONG SELL0256,187+256,187Transaction Details
20154010 x1 x0252 STRONG SELL03,583+3,583Transaction Details
20151010 x1 x0236 STRONG SELL03,309+3,309Transaction Details
201449109 x0 x57,0000 STRONG BUY794,6330-794,633Transaction Details
2014481025 x0 x92,0000 STRONG BUY1,149,2980-1,149,298Transaction Details
2014471217 x2 x60,000644 STRONG BUY726,5877,760-718,827Transaction Details
2014467325 x6 x418,25024,142 STRONG BUY457,587248,176-209,411Transaction Details
201445020 x2 x04,707 STRONG SELL048,576+48,576Transaction Details
2014436012 x0 x113,3160000Transaction Details
201440010 x1 x0203 STRONG SELL02,000+2,000Transaction Details
201437333 x3 x35,00011,379 SELL0114,245+114,245Transaction Details
201434020 x2 x0507 STRONG SELL03,929+3,929Transaction Details
201433010 x1 x0431 STRONG SELL03,319+3,319Transaction Details
201432020 x2 x03,201 STRONG SELL023,943+23,943Transaction Details
201427010 x1 x0203 STRONG SELL01,527+1,527Transaction Details
201421020 x2 x0507 STRONG SELL03,676+3,676Transaction Details
201420010 x1 x0431 STRONG SELL03,099+3,099Transaction Details
201419020 x2 x03,201 STRONG SELL023,463+23,463Transaction Details
201414010 x1 x0203 STRONG SELL01,332+1,332Transaction Details
20148020 x2 x0589 STRONG SELL02,904+2,904Transaction Details
20147010 x1 x0501 STRONG SELL03,442+3,442Transaction Details
20146020 x2 x013,423 STRONG SELL091,276+91,276Transaction Details
20141010 x1 x0945 STRONG SELL07,834+7,834Transaction Details