DILLARD'S, INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in DILLARD'S, INC..

DILLARD'S, INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
2021517323 x3 x5,6183,408 BUY318,3440-318,344Transaction Details
20214010 x1 x01,085 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20213020 x2 x046,283 STRONG SELL045,690+45,690Transaction Details
2021217132 x1 x4,9454,400 BUY438,151349,712-88,439Transaction Details
2021116017 x0 x62,3640 STRONG BUY143,6370-143,637Transaction Details
202012151 x6 x18,170299,559 STRONG SELL0173,774+173,774Transaction Details
20201116022 x0 x2,3250 STRONG BUY108,4440-108,444Transaction Details
20201014014 x0 x1,8130 STRONG BUY88,7640-88,764Transaction Details
2020914017 x0 x4,3210 STRONG BUY138,2290-138,229Transaction Details
2020817029 x0 x6,1980 STRONG BUY159,1360-159,136Transaction Details
20207909 x0 x2,6510 STRONG BUY64,0750-64,075Transaction Details
20206708 x0 x2,4020 STRONG BUY65,8360-65,836Transaction Details
2020524043 x0 x63,5600 STRONG BUY1,596,4180-1,596,418Transaction Details
20204538 x3 x14,76014,760 BUY32,6440-32,644Transaction Details
20203111 x1 x200550 STRONG SELL7,4860-7,486Transaction Details
2020217033 x0 x9,5380 STRONG BUY605,4060-605,406Transaction Details
20191217117 x1 x1,5371,660 BUY112,9230-112,923Transaction Details
20191117133 x1 x2,2878,000 STRONG SELL168,4210-168,421Transaction Details
20191018137 x1 x3,3363,000 BUY225,940216,600-9,340Transaction Details
2019827064 x0 x4,4280 STRONG BUY259,6350-259,635Transaction Details
2019713125 x1 x2,6362,400 BUY174,546154,704-19,842Transaction Details
20196010 x1 x0300 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
2019526054 x0 x28,7460 STRONG BUY1,757,7250-1,757,725Transaction Details
20194254 x5 x3,52027,460 STRONG SELL078,239+78,239Transaction Details
20193010 x1 x06,500 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
2019217032 x0 x8,5520 STRONG BUY563,6810-563,681Transaction Details
20191808 x0 x9450 STRONG BUY56,6620-56,662Transaction Details
201812232 x3 x1,8801,880000Transaction Details
20181121044 x0 x2,2790 STRONG BUY156,6660-156,666Transaction Details
20181026050 x0 x3,7330 STRONG BUY284,1290-284,129Transaction Details
2018818058 x0 x14,5810 STRONG BUY1,120,0340-1,120,034Transaction Details
2018711111 x1 x9181,051 BUY83,8960-83,896Transaction Details
20186030 x7 x050,695 STRONG SELL04,500,685+4,500,685Transaction Details
2018523243 x8 x18,14571,180 STRONG SELL1,390,0655,292,903+3,902,838Transaction Details
20184101 x0 x260 STRONG BUY2,0690-2,069Transaction Details
20183010 x1 x08,357 STRONG SELL0702,406+702,406Transaction Details
2018217233 x2 x10,2892,125 STRONG BUY556,9940-556,994Transaction Details
2018115115 x1 x2,3881,820 BUY145,0950-145,095Transaction Details
20171117031 x0 x2,3400 STRONG BUY123,4900-123,490Transaction Details
20171017017 x0 x1,3570 STRONG BUY74,6760-74,676Transaction Details
2017917117 x1 x1,565450 STRONG BUY89,14227,135-62,007Transaction Details
2017815026 x0 x1,6200 STRONG BUY99,8330-99,833Transaction Details
2017712012 x0 x8440 STRONG BUY57,2820-57,282Transaction Details
2017612212 x8 x1,86535,660 STRONG SELL72,3251,808,797+1,736,472Transaction Details
2017520129 x1 x20,7452,200 STRONG BUY1,015,6220-1,015,622Transaction Details
20174808 x0 x6,1540 STRONG BUY333,7930-333,793Transaction Details
20172909 x0 x5270 STRONG BUY29,3800-29,380Transaction Details
2017113126 x1 x11,702880 STRONG BUY665,3450-665,345Transaction Details
201612010 x1 x01,720 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20161112022 x0 x1,3260 STRONG BUY87,2090-87,209Transaction Details
20161012012 x0 x9340 STRONG BUY55,9930-55,993Transaction Details
2016913013 x0 x1,2120 STRONG BUY71,1570-71,157Transaction Details
2016812022 x0 x1,3110 STRONG BUY85,9920-85,992Transaction Details
2016711011 x0 x8180 STRONG BUY53,9470-53,947Transaction Details
2016612012 x0 x4,4510 STRONG BUY266,3000-266,300Transaction Details
2016520028 x0 x17,1660 STRONG BUY988,0080-988,008Transaction Details
20164909 x0 x7,9560 STRONG BUY566,5470-566,547Transaction Details
20163010 x2 x04,138 STRONG SELL0345,603+345,603Transaction Details
2016213023 x0 x9,2760 STRONG BUY647,9130-647,913Transaction Details
2016112112 x2 x2,0661,550 BUY137,3680-137,368Transaction Details
201512101 x0 x300 STRONG BUY2,1870-2,187Transaction Details
20151112020 x0 x1,0840 STRONG BUY87,9380-87,938Transaction Details
20151012012 x0 x6410 STRONG BUY56,7030-56,703Transaction Details
2015913014 x0 x2,0260 STRONG BUY180,6120-180,612Transaction Details
2015813021 x0 x9350 STRONG BUY88,4580-88,458Transaction Details
2015712013 x0 x6480 STRONG BUY64,5730-64,573Transaction Details
2015612012 x0 x6640 STRONG BUY70,8090-70,809Transaction Details
2015519028 x0 x12,7510 STRONG BUY1,481,6030-1,481,603Transaction Details
20154828 x2 x6,6791,200 STRONG BUY900,1290-900,129Transaction Details
2015215024 x0 x6,1490 STRONG BUY704,8100-704,810Transaction Details
20141214220 x2 x2,6303,729 BUY139,6110-139,611Transaction Details
20141112020 x0 x6490 STRONG BUY74,7800-74,780Transaction Details
20141012112 x1 x55310,000 STRONG SELL58,9721,034,500+975,528Transaction Details
2014913013 x0 x6900 STRONG BUY77,7840-77,784Transaction Details
2014813027 x0 x3,5160 STRONG BUY86,0470-86,047Transaction Details
2014713225 x2 x1,1161,234 BUY131,9990-131,999Transaction Details
2014519229 x2 x9,2143,830 STRONG BUY984,6600-984,660Transaction Details
20144717 x1 x8,2047,657 BUY800,546719,528-81,018Transaction Details
20143505 x0 x234,7290000Transaction Details
2014214225 x2 x9,06810,600 BUY798,966463,650-335,316Transaction Details