DESTINATION XL GROUP, INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in DESTINATION XL GROUP, INC..

DESTINATION XL GROUP, INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20211707 x0 x69,4000 STRONG BUY22,8620-22,862Transaction Details
202012101 x0 x17,3330000Transaction Details
202011303 x0 x207,2620 STRONG BUY54,4890-54,489Transaction Details
2020812014 x0 x351,5740 STRONG BUY87,9210-87,921Transaction Details
20206111 x1 x625164,765 STRONG SELL057,618+57,618Transaction Details
20205212 x3 x10,724157,314 STRONG SELL068,670+68,670Transaction Details
20204808 x0 x209,2860000Transaction Details
20203101 x0 x7500000Transaction Details
20202505 x0 x92,5880 STRONG BUY99,9950-99,995Transaction Details
2020110015 x0 x613,3400 STRONG BUY699,7240-699,724Transaction Details
201912101 x0 x1820000Transaction Details
201911708 x0 x110,0620 STRONG BUY156,0450-156,045Transaction Details
2019108510 x5 x83,57712,664 STRONG BUY35,53516,590-18,945Transaction Details
2019910618 x6 x200,62316,805 STRONG BUY201,80730,081-171,726Transaction Details
20198505 x0 x54,7290 STRONG BUY92,4920-92,492Transaction Details
20197306 x0 x6,2890 STRONG BUY6,7170-6,717Transaction Details
201964015 x0 x295,8350 STRONG BUY479,8680-479,868Transaction Details
201957110 x3 x79,8309,414 STRONG BUY92,49617,698-74,798Transaction Details
2019410811 x8 x271,30673,889 STRONG BUY49,727181,028+131,301Transaction Details
20193206 x0 x21,3300 STRONG BUY52,3080-52,308Transaction Details
201927010 x0 x46,0530 STRONG BUY103,0200-103,020Transaction Details
20191419 x1 x66,459185,047 STRONG SELL149,711464,468+314,757Transaction Details
2018123012 x0 x134,9300 STRONG BUY329,6910-329,691Transaction Details
2018117114 x3 x117,840780,097 STRONG SELL313,7702,680,612+2,366,841Transaction Details
2018105114 x1 x15,609100,000 STRONG SELL39,229269,000+229,771Transaction Details
2018912612 x6 x151,72420,315 STRONG BUY5,24758,913+53,666Transaction Details
20188708 x0 x49,0180 STRONG BUY92,7120-92,712Transaction Details
20187101 x0 x6810 STRONG BUY1,4980-1,498Transaction Details
20186306 x0 x99,1890 STRONG BUY179,3970-179,397Transaction Details
201857012 x0 x79,9080 STRONG BUY119,7670-119,767Transaction Details
2018416224 x2 x313,5276,690 STRONG BUY300,96611,708-289,258Transaction Details
20183313 x1 x32,29516,667 STRONG BUY5,62332,501+26,878Transaction Details
20182607 x0 x35,0930 STRONG BUY79,1770-79,177Transaction Details
20181202 x0 x1,0450 STRONG BUY2,2470-2,247Transaction Details
201712303 x0 x4,0820 STRONG BUY7,8740-7,874Transaction Details
201711404 x0 x30,6740 STRONG BUY53,6200-53,620Transaction Details
201710303 x0 x7490 STRONG BUY1,1230-1,123Transaction Details
20179202 x0 x2,3680 STRONG BUY4,4990-4,499Transaction Details
20178507 x0 x37,5070 STRONG BUY67,5250-67,525Transaction Details
20177203 x0 x25,3260 STRONG BUY51,9500-51,950Transaction Details
20176202 x0 x4,2180 STRONG BUY10,1230-10,123Transaction Details
20175507 x0 x29,0980 STRONG BUY65,9030-65,903Transaction Details
20174202 x0 x1,0700 STRONG BUY2,9960-2,996Transaction Details
20173141115 x11 x261,141485,795 STRONG SELL7,5000-7,500Transaction Details
20172101 x0 x2,4390000Transaction Details
201718011 x0 x174,5220 STRONG BUY441,3530-441,353Transaction Details
201612306 x0 x53,7970 STRONG BUY224,9730-224,973Transaction Details
201611608 x0 x66,0840 STRONG BUY273,7090-273,709Transaction Details
201610101 x0 x1730 STRONG BUY7470-747Transaction Details
20169305 x0 x62,7270 STRONG BUY294,9060-294,906Transaction Details
20168608 x0 x55,4730 STRONG BUY268,0370-268,037Transaction Details
20166202 x0 x7180 STRONG BUY3,3670-3,367Transaction Details
20165506 x0 x14,5330 STRONG BUY79,0470-79,047Transaction Details
20164101 x0 x1450 STRONG BUY7470-747Transaction Details
20163101 x0 x1680 STRONG BUY7460-746Transaction Details
20162607 x0 x18,2280 STRONG BUY83,9200-83,920Transaction Details
201512202 x0 x6000 STRONG BUY3,0000-3,000Transaction Details
201511707 x0 x32,4320 STRONG BUY102,2330-102,233Transaction Details
20159202 x0 x1,1180 STRONG BUY6,7420-6,742Transaction Details
20158606 x0 x21,2980 STRONG BUY102,2300-102,230Transaction Details
20157202 x0 x5,1500 STRONG BUY24,9500-24,950Transaction Details
20156202 x0 x1,2360 STRONG BUY5,9950-5,995Transaction Details
20155708 x0 x31,0600 STRONG BUY102,9800-102,980Transaction Details
20154111 x1 x30460 STRONG BUY1,499229-1,270Transaction Details
20153101 x0 x1590 STRONG BUY7490-749Transaction Details
20152609 x0 x21,0290 STRONG BUY108,2170-108,217Transaction Details
201412303 x0 x7970 STRONG BUY4,1200-4,120Transaction Details
201411304 x0 x8,6560 STRONG BUY45,1000-45,100Transaction Details
201410202 x0 x2370 STRONG BUY1,1190-1,119Transaction Details
20149404 x0 x11,3500 STRONG BUY48,0500-48,050Transaction Details
20148406 x0 x8,8860 STRONG BUY46,5980-46,598Transaction Details
20147111 x1 x7,5007,371 SELL42,52542,531+6Transaction Details
20146323 x3 x1,49110,635 STRONG SELL7,87255,109+47,237Transaction Details
20145304 x0 x8,6540 STRONG BUY45,1000-45,100Transaction Details
20144212 x1 x2665,000 STRONG SELL1,49826,425+24,927Transaction Details
20143479 x7 x2,685,15829,836 STRONG BUY15,026,581166,521-14,860,060Transaction Details
20142305 x0 x12,7860 STRONG BUY67,2520-67,252Transaction Details
20141202 x0 x6860 STRONG BUY4,4930-4,493Transaction Details