$DXLG DESTINATION XL GROUP, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in DESTINATION XL GROUP, INC..

DESTINATION XL GROUP, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202118505 x0 x70,4410 STRONG BUY109,1840-109,184Transaction Details
202115102 x0 x40,0000 STRONG BUY53,0220-53,022Transaction Details
2021139013 x0 x298,3930000Transaction Details
202112101 x0 x50,0000 STRONG BUY45,5350-45,535Transaction Details
202110000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20218000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20215606 x0 x142,1070 STRONG BUY113,6860-113,686Transaction Details
20213203 x0 x376,0000 STRONG BUY140,4070-140,407Transaction Details
20212707 x0 x69,4000 STRONG BUY22,8620-22,862Transaction Details
202050101 x0 x17,3330000Transaction Details
202044303 x0 x207,2620 STRONG BUY54,4890-54,489Transaction Details
202033202 x0 x12,6650 STRONG BUY4,1720-4,172Transaction Details
202032707 x0 x92,5590000Transaction Details
202031505 x0 x246,3500 STRONG BUY83,7490-83,749Transaction Details
202023000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
202022111 x1 x625164,765 STRONG SELL057,618+57,618Transaction Details
202021010 x3 x0157,314 STRONG SELL068,670+68,670Transaction Details
202018101 x0 x5,3620000Transaction Details
202013808 x0 x209,2860000Transaction Details
20209101 x0 x7500000Transaction Details
20205505 x0 x92,5880 STRONG BUY99,9950-99,995Transaction Details
20204101 x0 x4,1240000Transaction Details
20203202 x0 x49,7000 STRONG BUY52,1670-52,167Transaction Details
2020211013 x0 x561,5160 STRONG BUY649,8170-649,817Transaction Details
201948101 x0 x1820000Transaction Details
201947203 x0 x50,0000 STRONG BUY63,5500-63,550Transaction Details
201944505 x0 x60,0620 STRONG BUY92,4950-92,495Transaction Details
201943757 x5 x57,41312,664 SELL016,590+16,590Transaction Details
201942202 x0 x26,0780 STRONG BUY35,5350-35,535Transaction Details
201939101 x0 x860000Transaction Details
201938102 x0 x16,5780 STRONG BUY23,8910-23,891Transaction Details
201937306 x0 x91,7350 STRONG BUY126,7490-126,749Transaction Details
201936102 x0 x32,0000 STRONG BUY51,1680-51,168Transaction Details
201935868 x6 x60,31016,805 SELL030,081+30,081Transaction Details
201931505 x0 x54,7290 STRONG BUY92,4920-92,492Transaction Details
201930101 x0 x2,4810000Transaction Details
201929102 x0 x9260 STRONG BUY1,6760-1,676Transaction Details
201927101 x0 x1000 STRONG BUY1720-172Transaction Details
201926102 x0 x2,7820 STRONG BUY4,8690-4,869Transaction Details
201925203 x0 x36,4600 STRONG BUY61,9890-61,989Transaction Details
201924305 x0 x33,2700 STRONG BUY57,4220-57,422Transaction Details
201923103 x0 x87,4060 STRONG BUY140,3030-140,303Transaction Details
201922104 x0 x138,6990 STRONG BUY220,1530-220,153Transaction Details
201921101 x0 x3990000Transaction Details
201920113 x3 x31,9629,414 SELL017,698+17,698Transaction Details
201918505 x0 x45,1200 STRONG BUY92,4960-92,496Transaction Details
201917102 x0 x2,4190000Transaction Details
201916101 x0 x22,0000 STRONG BUY49,7270-49,727Transaction Details
201913989 x8 x249,23673,889 SELL0181,028+181,028Transaction Details
201911103 x0 x15,8150 STRONG BUY38,9470-38,947Transaction Details
201910102 x0 x5,4310 STRONG BUY13,3600-13,360Transaction Details
20198101 x0 x840000Transaction Details
20197000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20196103 x0 x4,2610 STRONG BUY10,5270-10,527Transaction Details
20195607 x0 x41,7920 STRONG BUY92,4940-92,494Transaction Details
20194205 x0 x8,1440 STRONG BUY19,8810-19,881Transaction Details
20192111 x1 x33,571185,047 STRONG SELL77,885464,468+386,583Transaction Details
201851102 x0 x9,3840 STRONG BUY18,8530-18,853Transaction Details
201850102 x0 x55,5000 STRONG BUY134,0740-134,074Transaction Details
201849103 x0 x51,9310 STRONG BUY130,1730-130,173Transaction Details
201848305 x0 x18,1150 STRONG BUY46,5900-46,590Transaction Details
201847203 x0 x85,4750 STRONG BUY215,9650-215,965Transaction Details
201846103 x0 x5,9000 STRONG BUY14,8760-14,876Transaction Details
201844616 x3 x25,240780,097 STRONG SELL79,1822,680,612+2,601,430Transaction Details
201843212 x1 x1,225100,000 STRONG SELL3,749269,000+265,251Transaction Details
201841103 x0 x3,8030 STRONG BUY9,5280-9,528Transaction Details
201839505 x0 x4,2000 STRONG BUY10,6440-10,644Transaction Details
20183512612 x6 x151,72420,315 STRONG BUY5,24758,913+53,666Transaction Details
201831808 x0 x55,0330 STRONG BUY104,7420-104,742Transaction Details
201830101 x0 x3750 STRONG BUY7500-750Transaction Details
201826101 x0 x6810 STRONG BUY1,4980-1,498Transaction Details
201824104 x0 x93,5080 STRONG BUY170,0230-170,023Transaction Details
201822202 x0 x5,6810 STRONG BUY9,3740-9,374Transaction Details
201821101 x0 x1540000Transaction Details
201820000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201818607 x0 x61,9410 STRONG BUY91,9580-91,958Transaction Details
201817202 x0 x1,3230 STRONG BUY2,2490-2,249Transaction Details
201815102 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY17,5000-17,500Transaction Details
201814202 x0 x55,0000 STRONG BUY94,4000-94,400Transaction Details
20181316220 x2 x248,5276,690 STRONG BUY189,06611,708-177,358Transaction Details
201812010 x1 x016,667 STRONG SELL032,501+32,501Transaction Details
201810101 x0 x30,0000000Transaction Details
20188202 x0 x2,2950 STRONG BUY5,6230-5,623Transaction Details
20185606 x0 x34,7980 STRONG BUY79,1770-79,177Transaction Details
20184101 x0 x2950000Transaction Details
201749303 x0 x4,0820 STRONG BUY7,8740-7,874Transaction Details
201748000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201745101 x0 x2,4530000Transaction Details
201744303 x0 x28,2210 STRONG BUY53,6200-53,620Transaction Details
201740303 x0 x7490 STRONG BUY1,1230-1,123Transaction Details
201736202 x0 x2,3680 STRONG BUY4,4990-4,499Transaction Details
201735101 x0 x3000000Transaction Details
201732101 x0 x2,4390000Transaction Details
201731505 x0 x34,7680 STRONG BUY67,5250-67,525Transaction Details
201728102 x0 x25,0000 STRONG BUY51,2000-51,200Transaction Details
201727101 x0 x3260 STRONG BUY7500-750Transaction Details
201722303 x0 x4,5020 STRONG BUY10,1230-10,123Transaction Details
201719101 x0 x2,4530000Transaction Details
201718405 x0 x26,3610 STRONG BUY65,9030-65,903Transaction Details
201714202 x0 x1,0700 STRONG BUY2,9960-2,996Transaction Details
201713101 x0 x6000 STRONG BUY1,5000-1,500Transaction Details
201712111111 x11 x258,409485,795 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20179303 x0 x2,1320 STRONG BUY6,0000-6,000Transaction Details
20176101 x0 x2,4390000Transaction Details
20175708 x0 x78,1200 STRONG BUY91,4530-91,453Transaction Details
20174101 x0 x3340000Transaction Details
20173101 x0 x49,2120 STRONG BUY180,6080-180,608Transaction Details
20172102 x0 x50,7880 STRONG BUY182,0710-182,071Transaction Details
201649101 x0 x15,0000 STRONG BUY62,4000-62,400Transaction Details
201648308 x0 x85,4560 STRONG BUY357,6100-357,610Transaction Details
201644505 x0 x19,4250 STRONG BUY78,6710-78,671Transaction Details
201640101 x0 x1730 STRONG BUY7470-747Transaction Details
201636103 x0 x62,0000 STRONG BUY291,5400-291,540Transaction Details
201635305 x0 x41,0710 STRONG BUY193,4890-193,489Transaction Details
201631505 x0 x15,1290 STRONG BUY77,9140-77,914Transaction Details
201622202 x0 x7180 STRONG BUY3,3670-3,367Transaction Details
201619000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201618506 x0 x14,5330 STRONG BUY79,0470-79,047Transaction Details
201616000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201615000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201613101 x0 x1450 STRONG BUY7470-747Transaction Details
20169101 x0 x1680 STRONG BUY7460-746Transaction Details
20165607 x0 x18,2280 STRONG BUY83,9200-83,920Transaction Details
201548202 x0 x6000 STRONG BUY3,0000-3,000Transaction Details
201544707 x0 x32,4320 STRONG BUY102,2330-102,233Transaction Details
201535202 x0 x1,1180 STRONG BUY6,7420-6,742Transaction Details
201531606 x0 x21,2980 STRONG BUY102,2300-102,230Transaction Details
201529101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY24,2000-24,200Transaction Details
201526101 x0 x1500 STRONG BUY7500-750Transaction Details
201522202 x0 x1,2360 STRONG BUY5,9950-5,995Transaction Details
201521101 x0 x10,0000000Transaction Details
201518607 x0 x21,0600 STRONG BUY102,9800-102,980Transaction Details
201514010 x1 x060 STRONG SELL0229+229Transaction Details
201513101 x0 x3040 STRONG BUY1,4990-1,499Transaction Details
20159101 x0 x1590 STRONG BUY7490-749Transaction Details
20155609 x0 x21,0290 STRONG BUY108,2170-108,217Transaction Details
201448303 x0 x7970 STRONG BUY4,1200-4,120Transaction Details
201444304 x0 x8,6560 STRONG BUY45,1000-45,100Transaction Details
201439202 x0 x2370 STRONG BUY1,1190-1,119Transaction Details
201436101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY41,3000-41,300Transaction Details
201435303 x0 x1,3500 STRONG BUY6,7500-6,750Transaction Details
201431406 x0 x8,8860 STRONG BUY46,5980-46,598Transaction Details
201427111 x1 x7,5007,371 SELL42,52542,531+6Transaction Details
201426010 x2 x010,000 STRONG SELL051,800+51,800Transaction Details
201422313 x1 x1,491635 STRONG BUY7,8723,309-4,563Transaction Details
201418303 x0 x8,5850 STRONG BUY44,7280-44,728Transaction Details
201417101 x0 x690 STRONG BUY3730-373Transaction Details
201415010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL026,425+26,425Transaction Details
201413305 x0 x1,598,3660 STRONG BUY9,046,2650-9,046,265Transaction Details
201412020 x2 x016,457 STRONG SELL093,281+93,281Transaction Details
201411153 x5 x1,086,20013,379 STRONG BUY5,976,94173,240-5,903,701Transaction Details
20149303 x0 x8580 STRONG BUY4,8730-4,873Transaction Details
20145305 x0 x12,7860 STRONG BUY67,2520-67,252Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details